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How To Make Jeans & A T-Shirt More Stylish

Chrissy writes:

Hi Grasie! I am about to start the final year of my design degree and for the first time since I started the course, I am single. Like most girls who’ve found themselves getting comfortable in a relationship, I’ve spent the past two years not making too much of an effort with my appearance – my staple wardrobe consisted of jeans, t-shirts and hoodies with minimal makeup. This was fine then but I think I probably became totally invisible to every guy who wasn’t my boyfriend. It’s not like I’m really unconfident but a couple of years of not really having to make an effort have made me doubt my own ability to look good. For this final year, I’d like to be noticed a bit more and feel a bit more stylish. How do I do this while at the same time staying comfortable (I am not a heels/dressing up kind of girl), not looking like I’m trying too hard (I go to an art school so everyone dresses pretty casually) and sticking to a student budget? Help!

Hi Chrissy and all you HG lovelies! First off, I feel you. I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years and though I try my hardest to dress up and keep things interesting for myself and him, sometimes jeans and a t-shirt are just so easy and comfy, it’s hard to wear anything else. The good news is…you don’t have to! Let’s keep the ease of a t-shirt and jeans outfit and just add some fun accessories and shoes to spice things up. Accessories are really the key to style, they can make any outfit look a lot more fashionable. PS – I highly doubt you became totally invisible to every guy who wasn’t your boyfriend! 

Here are some fab accessories that would be fun and perfect to add to your wardrobe. Try working them in slowly, going for 1-3 pieces at a time. For example, throw on the Top Shop necklace (#1) over a grey crew neck t-shirt, with some skinny jeans in dark denim and the Zara flats (#11). Grab the H&M purse (#9) and  you’re go to go. Not only will you look super stylish and cool, you’ll be totally comfy for class and not overdressed. Happy Shopping!

  1. Top Shop Plastic Deco Necklace $30
  2. AEO Rhinestone Pyramid Studs $12.50
  3. Asos Colourblock Contrast Satchel $64
  4. Torrid Multi Finish Metal Bangles $14.50
  5. Forever 21 Leatherette Ankle Boots $25
  6. Asos Fantasy Leather Leopard Belt $22
  7. Steve Madden Tapps-s $80
  8. Torrid Green, Brown & White Stone Layer Necklace $16.50
  9. H&M Purse $50
  10. Zara Triple Print Scarf $36
  11. Zara Two-Tone Upper & Heel $70
  12. JCrew Patent-Tab Skinny Belt $32.50
Some other combos to try with jeans and a t-shirt:
#2, #7 & #10
#5 & #8
#2, #4 & #11
#3 & #6
The lists goes on and on…

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