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How To Make A Trendy Meal

In our social media-saturated world, a lot of focus has been put on what we eat. We instagram pictures of our meals, pin recipes that look delicious, share on Facebook every detail about our hummus preferences. This is a foodie’s delight, but it has also put a lot of pressure on the classic dinner party. What should you serve? If people aren’t taking pictures on their iPhones, is the whole night a failure? Why did non of your guests mention their many allergies/food related life choices? Fear not, for with these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to serving a hipster-approved, social media-worthy meal.

1. Start with unique or unusual dishes to serve your meal in. Perhaps some brightly colored cafeteria trays, or a mason jar or flower pot. Your dish choice should say “Serving on a plate would make more sense, but this is hip.” The weirder the better.

2. Try to come up with an inclusive, non-offensive meal. This means Vegan (devoid of all animal products), Gluten-Free (devoid of all wheat/white flour), Soy-Free (No Tofu or Tempeh) and probably Nut-Free just to be safe. You’ll be left with a popular grain like Quinoa, which is pretty delicious with some mild seasoning. However, you’ll be so self conscious about not using your usual three pounds of creme fraiche, you add way too many ingredients including black beans, white beans, cucumber, zucchini, mashed potato, strawberries, goldfish crackers, lemon juice, honey mustard and balsamic vinegar.

3. Now that your dish has way too much going on already, you remember that you don’t have any particularly trendy food item incorporated into the dish. I suggest incorporating chia seeds into your dish and then pouring a cup of coconut water on top. Coconut water is super hot at the moment and chia seeds are a little counter culture, all of your friends will be begging your for more info on them. (*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are reading this article more than two weeks in the future, do your own googling on what foods are trendy! They probably will have changed! Don’t get caught serving yesterday’s trends.

4.Once your food is prepared, go to your small herb garden and pick some fresh herbs to garnish your meal. Never mind that the herbs all look and smell withered, that’s only because you’ve never watered them and they have no access to sunlight in your tiny apartment. Grab a few, crush them with a mortar and pestle, and sprinkle generously.

5. Come up with a name for your main course. Start with something exotic sounding like “Mongolian” or “Thai-Morrocan Fusion”. Add a cooking adjective completely unrelated to your meal such as “Broiled” or “Pan Seared”. Bonus points if the adjective also has a location attached ie. “Cajun Blackened”. Finish with one obscure item in your dish, along with the trendy food item. In our example you could call your dish “Mongolian Pan Seared White Beans in a Coconut Water, Rosemary and Chia Seed DemiGlaze”. You could add “On a Bed of Organic Quinoa” if you feel it necessary.

6. Voila, a trendy meal. I highly suggest giving your guests a number of alcoholic beverages before feeding them. This will undoubtably up the “Wow” factor of your trendy meal. Serve a local Organic Microbrew, or better yet, your own cocktail mimicking elements of the dinner to come. (*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you aren’t old enough to drink, replace this step with several gallons of diet coke and boxes of Oreos. This will result in roughly the same effect. Also, stay in school.)

Kristy LaPointe is an Actress, Comedian and Writer based out of Toronto. Also she is obsessed with food. Kristy can be reached, shares custody of a blog with her BFF at and spends far too much time on Twitter @kristylapointe

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