How To Make a "Pamper Me" Gift Basket

I swear to goodness, the best gift to give anyone is any kind of gift basket. This is the only way to buy someone a bunch of little things and make them look big while making you look like an effing boss!

Case and point: My sister’s birthday.

My sister is the mother of two small children –– a newborn and a4-year-old. Her husband works long hours at the hospital and she rarely gets free time, much less time to pamper herself. So, I thought the perfect gift would be one that would allow her to make bath time into pamper time!

I happen to have a slew of random baskets around the house, so I used one of those. However, if you don’t have random randomness around the cribola, run to the nearest Target, Kmart, Dollar Store, whatevs. While you’re there, grab a pack of tissue paper, cellophane and ribbon.

Now, when you get home, this is what you do:

  1. Unfold the tissue paper, ball it up, then, stuff it in the bottom of your basket. This will make a nice, multi-level padding for your product placement.
  2. Place your items in the basket, shortest to tallest, with the labels up.
  3. Roll out the cellophane. Doing this on the floor maybe be better than on a counter or table. Cut the cellophane about 10 times larger than the size of the basket, place basket in the center and, then, gather the cellophane around and over the basket. Secure cellophane with a rubber band, then cut excess.
  4. Tie lots of ribbon around the rubber band and, then, curl them with scissors. If you’re not so good at this part, there is no shame in buying ribbon that’s already curled and  just tying it on.
Anyway, this is how I spend my Friday nights. So, there’s that.


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