How To Have a Spa Stay-cation Without Spending a Fortune

For those of you obsessively tracking Molls’ every move like I do, you may be aware of the luxurious spa day she enjoyed with her girlfriends earlier this month.

“That’s all well and good, Michelle,” you may be saying (because I like to think you respond verbally to my writing), “But that Molly McAleer is a famous television writer and internet sensation. Of course she can afford a lavish retreat at a fancy hotel. I’m just a student/poorly-compensated employee at XYZ Corporation/funemployed young adult. I’ll never live the Molls lifestyle!”

Fear not, readers. Few of us will ever be as fab as Ms. McAleer, but we can luxuriate just like her. I’m here to debunk the myth that you need loads of cash to do it up big and pamper yourself properly.

Until Molls’ epic spa-dventure (totally just made that word up, but I’m keeping it), I too was completely convinced that a place like the Beverly Wilshire was off-limits to commoners. It’s where Pretty Woman was set, for God’s sake. Vivian Ward I am not!

Enter Carrie Mitchell, Director of Public Relations at the Bev Wilsh (which is how I’ve been referring to it, in an effort to appear both nonchalant and knowledgeable about the iconic landmark. Is it working?). Carrie kind of blew my mind by letting me know how surprisingly possible (and affordable) it can be to spend a day or weekend at a hotel known for its fanciness without having to be, well, all that fancy.

“With everyone’s busy schedules, a proper vacation can seem like a difficult thing to fit in,” she said.  “It seems many people, myself included, are turning to this idea of a “Stay-cation”, or even better – a “Spa-cation”—when you have a limited amount of time for some R&R. We want people to know how accessible a day at our Beverly Wilshire spa is, and everything that can be included with your experience.”

So what exactly can you squeeze out of a single spa treatment? Well for starters, a day at the intimate, ridiculously beautiful pool that happened to be modeled after Sophia Loren‘s private Italian villa. Not bad, right?

“When you book a treatment of sixty minutes or more in our spa, or a manicure/pedicure in our new Nail Bar, you receive complimentary valet parking, access to our health and fitness center, and the pool, which just launched a fantastic new food & beverage menu,” Carrie told me.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking—are these massages and manicures a trillion dollars a pop? I’m happy (and a little surprised) to tell you the answer is no. Sure, you’ll be shelling out more than you would on one of those drug store neck massagers (which I’ve found to actually cause more pain and tension than they alleviate and they’re just really embarrassing to buy), but you’ll definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Starting at $170, you can get a sixty-minute Swedish or deep tissue massage, and spend the rest of the day pretending you’re Sophia Loren.

You can also book a Vanilla Almond or Coconut Pearl Manicure for $50-70, and an accompanying pedi for $90-120 in order to get the Bev Wilsh all-star treatment. And did I mention The Nail Bar plays Pretty Woman on a loop all day? All. Day.

Okay, but we don’t all have easy access to historic hotspots like the Bev Wilsh, and booking a plane ticket out to La La Land sort of defeats the whole purpose of the stay-cation concept, right? Well my talk with Carrie definitely opened my eyes to the cool opportunities available for would-be stay-cationers on a budget. All you really have to do is ask. Call up the top hotels in your area and see if they offer similar specials for customers booking spa treatments. They may very well welcome you and your crew for a full day of poolside fun.

And then you’ll be one step closer to calling yourself a grade-A boss bitch, and who doesn’t covet that title?

Image via Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts