How to Enjoy Getting Your Tooth Pulled

Some days you just wake up and everything goes wrong.  You know the days, admit it.  Here’s how my day started out: I called my dentist to say that a filling had fallen out.  And surprise – it wasn’t a filling at all.  I had cracked my tooth (on a piece of soft bread no less) and needed to get it pulled.  As the dentist started giving me my options and my mind started to swirl with the thought of oral surgery and bills, I decided there must be a silver lining to all of this.

And guess what?  There was!   I am now post-surgery and happily sitting on my couch.  Here’s my guide to enjoying the bad things … like, say, getting your tooth pulled out on a random Tuesday.


Immediately.  Everyone understands that things happen so just embrace it and use a sick day.  Feeling guilty about not going back to work?  Don’t – no one wants a drooling co-worker.  See, just like that you have a day off.


Get comfy.  If you must suffer through a wrench pulling out your tooth, indulge in one of the best things in life – sweatpants.  There’s nothing that will make you instantly feel a little better.  If you’re really into relaxing like I am, add slippers and blankets to the mix.  Or a Snuggie if you’re lucky enough to have one.

3) CALL A FRIEND (or your crush)

Ask for help.  And then ask for trashy magazines (I currently US Weekly and In Touch by my side), soup and a milkshake.  What are friends for if not to bring you guilty pleasures post dentist?   And never ever try to worry about eating healthy when you’re in pain.  Get the milkshake – you’ll be happy.  If all your friends are at work  or you’re just feeling bold, call up your crush or someone you’ve been seeing.  Every guy likes to take care of a cute girl – it’s in their DNA to protect.  I know several relationships that have started this way – trust me on this one.


And press play.  Sit back and watch Jack Dawson fall for Rose and you’ll barely feel the pounding pain that’s starting to register now that the novocain is wearing off.

And voila!  What started as horrible news just turned into the perfect day.