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How To Do British Style

A few weeks ago I did a column about French girl’s style. This week it’s all about British style. Brit girls love to have fun with fashion! They like to mix and match different prints and styles to create an individual look. Also, dressing for the British weather means statements coats, layering and always be prepared for some rain. This week’s illustrated how-to shows you some of the key pieces to get the look. See you next week!

  • Daryl Wood

    You’ve pretty much drawn my staple weekend wardrobe. I didn’t realise how quintessentially British I was!

  • Kathleen Kelly

    Please could you do the Italian style too? Thanks 😀

  • Jodie Butler

    Not too sure about the leopard print unless you’re Kat Slater but all else :) please do the Irish style :) :)

  • Miranda Noel Cohen

    The dress and jacket look an awful lot like Clara’s outfit in the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who….

  • Hannah

    I love the dress w the biker jacket and hat

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