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How to Cry Like an Expert: At a Party Edition

I consider myself a Crying Connoisseur. I’ve cried on numerous couches, on the floors of two bathrooms, under the Santa Monica Pier and at a bank. Okay, at least twice at a bank. Okay, I have cried 4 times in a bank.

“Wow,” you must be saying to yourself. “This lady really needs to get a handle on her emotions.”

This is where you’re wrong. The problem is that I have too much of a handle on my emotions. I’m so in tune with my soul that my body releases any form of emotion — happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, too many burritos — in the form of liquid with a high saline content rolling down my face.

Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to cry like an expert, straight from the brain of the chick who once cried during her first viewing of 2001: A Space Odyssey when she realized she would never get to go to outer space.

Are you at a party or other social event? Did you have two glasses of wine and then someone brought up their dog, who was the same breed as your dead dog, and now you’re pretending to gaze thoughtfully into your Merlot as if you’re pondering whether or not it has an earthy undertone? But really you’re just trying to cover up the fact that you’re in the midst of remembering how you had to spoon feed your pup Gerber turkey baby food during the last days of her life and she still wagged her tail every time you said her name?

Okay, so maybe the last few parts don’t apply to you, but try and tell me you’ve never had to cry at a social event only to blink back those tears because you were afraid of messing up your eye make up. Actually, don’t tell me. Unless you’re agreeing with me.

  1. Get up, dudes! Get up and go to the bathroom! The bathroom is made for toilet stuff, shower stuff and crying.
  2. Gaze deep into your own eyes in the mirror. Take note of the thick layer of liquid threatening to spill over the edge of your lower lid.
  3.  Fix your lip gloss, because you might as well be pretty if you’re going to be crying.
  4. Tear four (4) squares of toilet paper from the roll and fold them over each other until it is one slightly thicker square. If you’re in the house of a rich person who insists on wiping their butthole with the toilet paper equivalent of Angel wings and Papillion ear fur, feel free to only take two (2) squares of toilet paper. (Note: You MUST fold your toilet paper, do not crumple! We’re crying, people, and we need to make it elegant as possible. We’re not animals.)
  5. Tip your face forward and look down. Allow the emotions to run through your veins like sad salmon swimming up their sad stream to sadly spawn and then inevitably, and sadly, DIE.
  6. Let the tears fall straight down onto the bed of tissue paper you have held under your face. It might take a tear or two before you find the exact angle, but I promise it is possible to silently sob in your friend’s bathroom for 10 minutes straight because you feel guilty about being part of the world overpopulation problem without ruining your eyeliner. Not that I know from experience or anything. Except I do. And it’s happened twice.
  7. Make sure you’re in the bathroom for no longer than 10 minutes total. This is essential. If you’re in the bathroom for longer than 10 minutes, someone is going to think you have diarrhea. They might not profess this thought to anyone else in the room, but they’re definitely silently wondering about your digestive track. No one wants  that. It might make you cry.
(picture of Dawson Leary doing an impression of me via
  • Corie Scibelli

    Awesome picture of James vanderbeek. Totally adds to the hilarity of a serious cry.

  • Filleosophy

    I cry all the time, but I never have the foresight to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I just do my thing, wherever I may be.

    One time I was at the bar with my boyfriend, tears streaming down my face and extinguishing my cigarette, and he got up to get us another round. One of the bartenders is our friend and she came over to me, concerned, like, “Are you guys okay?”

    I was like, “I’m just telling him about this YouTube video about a cat trying to revive his cat friend the other day.”

    Judge away, but just YouTube search “Cat tries to revive dead friend after he’s hit by a car” if you want to be miserable.

    • Evelyn Sue Sandoval

      misery accomplished. ;(

    • Samual Vongsa

      Misery accomplished here, too :( Damn.

    • Meaghan Clarke

      Just the description of the video got me all choked up, so I don’t think watching the actual video is a good idea for me! :(

    • Sarojin Abhishaker McAllister

      Good lord, and the super sad music made it even worse!!!!

  • Sean Devenport

    shoot, a tear almost ran down my cheek at the mention of spoon feeding a dying dog……… animals make me feel more feelings than people!

  • Jessica Renee’ Snyder Green

    When ever i feel like I have the emotional strength of a 13 year old, I watch Dawson’s creek and realize I’m not that stupid (anymore) so that picture was very fitting. I love this article because I am a shameless crier. we should start a support group. not-so-anonymous-criers :*-)

  • Ieshia Wiedlin

    LOL!!!! Best crying picture EVER!!!! I still laugh when I see it…yes I am a lame and own the complete Dawson series…nice post

  • Alexandra Anderson Conrad

    I loved this so much I am crying.

  • Heidi Hess

    I almost cried at multiple points during the article and comments. Ugh.

  • Shelly Stromoski

    “Are you at a party or other social event? Did you have two glasses of wine and-” You could have stopped there. One glass and I’m a blubbering mess.

  • Simone Quaglia

    oh. my. god.
    I agree with Shelly, as soon as there’s alcohol in my system I’m the one in the corner of the garden behind a random bush sitting in the rain crying about god knows what…. sadly, true story.

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