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How To Celebrate Made Up TV Holidays

Confession time: I’m not really that big into the holidays. When it comes to Christmas, I’m a bit of a Scrinch (that’s Scrooge + Grinch). Aside from baking cookies and watching Love Actually, I could sort of take or leave the whole holiday season. To me, it just seems like a lot of money and a lot of stress for not a lot of return.

Fortunately, like with all my problems, I have TV to help me out. Both The OC and Seinfeld have already given me so much (Cardio Barre, yogaltes, Death Cab, Seth Cohen, babka, black and white cookies, paella, the Soup Nazi), it only makes sense they would give me holidays, too. (The fact that The OC has given me workouts and Seinfeld has given me food says a lot about the respective cultures of Southern California and New York, I think).

I’m sure Chrismukkah existed in some form before The OC, but I’ll give Seth Cohen credit for introducing me to this Christmas-Hanukkah fusion and its many, many presents. Until recently, I believed Festivus to be pure fabrication from the mind of Frank Costanza, meant to provide an alternative to the commercial madness of the holiday season, with a minimalist aluminum pole, airing of grievances, and feats of strength. Turns out it was a real holiday merely popularized by Seinfeld.

So it’s these shows I have to thank for a Chrismukkah-Festivus party I attended recently, which took the high points of all these ‘holidays’ and combined them into something this non-holiday lover could enjoy. There were ugly sweaters and Christmas cookies galore, a menorah lighting ceremony, and the most spot-on Festivus celebration I’ve ever experienced. There was an actual aluminum pole (okay, it was a broken microphone stand, but close enough), and real (albeit short-lived) Feats of Strength. The highlight was the airing of grievances, which were about everything from parking to taxes, but my favorite was “I hate when girls get a phone call and then text you back,” mostly because I am definitely one of those girls that returns phone calls with a text. The only gifts required were of the white elephant variety, making the whole party a low stress affair where I could focus on enjoying mulled wine and the company of friends.

I think the beauty of both Chrismukkah and Festivus, is that they’re less about the aspects of the holidays that frustrate me, and more about honesty, and bringing people together. So thank you, TV, for reminding me of what the holidays are really about. I’ll be seeing you again in February for Galentine’s Day.

Image via The Girl Who Watched It All


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