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How to Become Your Perfect Self in 30 Days

Every day is a new day to wake up and be perfect. In the past I’ve tried to be wonderful and failed. I’ve tried to tell you how to look great in photos. Or how to be sexy. I’ve even tried to tell you how to dance. But I realize now these are all just pieces to a larger puzzle of bettering oneself. But it is no longer enough to simply want to be ‘better.’

Indeed, it is the dawn of a new era. The era of perfection. Every day I’m going to be perfect, but now it’s going to be on the internet for everyone to watch. And if I fail, everyone will see and I will feel accountable, yet largely indifferent. I hope I will also inspire others to come along the journey to perfection with me. Perfection is made up of improving many different aspects of the self from one’s physicality and emotions to one’s mental state and beyond, so I’ve tried to include activities that cover all my bases.

I’m going to do some terrifying things – like drinking water. I’m going to discover new things about myself – like maybe I don’t hate marzipan. I’m going to let you all control me for an entire day. I am going to become my perfect self.

So join me on my 30 Day Journey to Perfection. Here on HelloGiggles, I’ll be providing weekly updates, but you can follow along with me every day here and here. You can even try and keep up with me if you want to and post your own videos. Or send me encouraging and/or disparaging notes on my progress or suggestions for my day where y’all play gods and goddesses. I welcome all notes. Some activities will be repeated, as they are key to understanding your true self and becoming perfect.

Let us kick off the celebration of self with Day 1’s Mission: Get Dressed in Real Clothes.

1) Get dressed in real clothes.

2) Drink about the recommended amount of water  a day.

3) Walk my chunky dog.

4) Learn a trade/craft.

5) Go a-picnicking.

6) Hug the bear that scares you.

7) Try something new.

8 ) Do I really hate…?

9) Do I really love…?

10) Fast for a day.

11) Take advice.

12) Enjoy eating healthy all day.

13) Research 3 things I should really know about.

14) Try something new.

15) Do I really hate…?

16) Do I really love…?

17) Get rid of 3 things I like but don’t need.

18) Help a stranger.

19) Forgive someone from my past.

20) No sugar for a day.

21) Try something new.

22) Do I really hate…?

23) Do I really love…?

24) Budget Day

25) Create a cocktail.

26) Day of Love.

27) Yoko Yo’self. (Do everything Yoko Ono does on her Twitter account for the day)

28) Try something new.

29) Readers Play GOD Day – I’ll have you all make up a list of things for me to do all day long and do them.

30) Do everything on this list in one day.

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