Gumdrop LaneHow To Be WonderfulLaura Kadner

How to with Laura has done it again!  This week you’re going to learn how to be wonderful.

Sometimes you feel like you’re going to start being wonderful.  You’re going to do things like exercise, organize your room, clean dishes immediately and wear pants when you don’t have to.  But sometimes it’s really hard.  So here and now in the video above I’ve covered the three basic tenets of being wonderful.

I’m not saying you have to be perfect.  You should just try and be wonderful.  And here’s how to.


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  1. I have a total girl crush on you, Laura. You can be your wonderful self near me anytime.

  2. make more of these “how-to” videos. they are wonderful!

  3. While I’m glad people love to post their critical analyses of comedic video shorts (it is strong evidence of a vibrant culture brewing foaming, and squirting all throughout the w!w!w!), I have to say that I too disagree, and in contrast applaud you, Miss Lane, for your playful mastery of intentiono-messy jump cut hilarity. Plus I am very excited to see what well planned and/or improvised segments miss Koch (A.K.A. Joey Ramone look alike w/ bubble in front of face) ventures to post out here in the virtual expanses. Keep it up, Gumdrop!!

  4. Haters gon’ hate. Don’t be sorry for your awesomely super efforts, Laura! Awkward pauses FTW. <3

  5. Thank you for acknowledging those of us plotting to kidnap other people’s pets! Also, where might one acquire that lovely scarf you were sporting?

  6. “You want a white dog to match your color scheme.”
    Straight up quote of the month.

  7. You are adorable!

  8. Heheheh I wear colorful clothing everyday! well I’m 22… I’m not sure when I have to stop doing it :S

  9. Also, I understand your intentional editing and Approve of it. There are a great many things in this world of which I do not approve, but I only waste time internet-commenting on the ones of which I DO. Approve. Affectionately, your new BFF. (Too soon?)

  10. Sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea! The editing was intentional. And I don’t think it was that poorly planned. Or improvised. And I take all the takes I can get. For example, here’s my take on marzipan: it STINKS!

  11. I drink water and do yoga in precisely the same manner. I felt like I was watching myself in the video, but with shinier hair.

    • I think you’ll have shinier hair if you drink more clear alcohol. There’s a doctor and an obese dog in my family, so you can trust me.

  12. I think the editing/lack of planning added to the charm and emphasised the point. LOVED this video! And unfortunately I think you succeeded at being wonderful :P Must… acquire… clear alcohol! xxxxxxx

  13. These are my favorite videos. I like you, Laura.

  14. Love it! I can totally be wonderful like that! My clear liquid of choice: lychee flavored vodka. :)