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How To: Airport Style

On my recent flight from LAX to JFK, I noticed something I could no longer ignore: women wearing pajamas when flying! Yeah okay, I get it, you want to be comfortable…its a long flight…blah, blah, blah. But there’s a way to be comfortable and still look fantastic! Remember the old days when you had to get dressed up in formal/business wear to fly? No? Me neither, but you know what I mean. And here’s the kicker, I’m not saying you need to posh it up and travel in heels and a tight dress. That would be impractical and super uncomfortable, but let’s please leave the Uggs and sweatsuits at home.

5 Clothing Items (you probably already own) That Are Comfy & Still Stylish:

  1. Flats: Throw on a pair of fashionable flats! Whether ballet blackprinted or moccassins, flats are a great comfy alternative to Uggs. They are easy to slip on and off at airport security and they look feminine and chic.
  2. Cotton or Jean LeggingsLeggings are a way more put together looking than sweats and equally as warm and comfortable! Plus, no belt needed so you wont get held up at security.
  3. Long Cardigan, Sweater, Blazer or Coat: Invest in a fashionista fun sweater, blazer or coat that covers your bum and keeps you warm. We all know how chilly an airplane can get and since no one offers blankets anymore…bring your own! In the form of apparel.
  4. Stylish Scarf: Its pretty hard to NOT look totally awesome when you’re rocking a kick-ass scarf. Scarves are the ultimate accessory because they really can bring any outfit from boring to WOW! Its also a great airplane tool for covering your face when your rude neighbor rips a stinky one (you know what I’m talking about) :oops:
  5. Carry-On Bag: A shopping bag is NOT an acceptable carry-on bag! Even if its a “designer” shopping bag like Barneys or Saks! Luggage can be pricey but its a total investment and can make traveling so much easier. Invest the money…its worth it! Have fun with colors, styles and prints. But make sure its a sensible fun, you don’t want to spend money on a pattern or color you’re gonna be sick of after your 3rd trip.

Check out these lovely celebs and their fantastic travel looks. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Happy Traveling!

Photos via Airport Outfits

  • Sarah H

    I’m wondering if sweats and pyjama’s are seen as the same thing in the US? Personally, I’d prefer someone to wear track pants to tight leggings and a top that doesn’t cover their backside (which seems to be the go these days everywhere, not just when travelling). Personally when I travel I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt and depending on the weather outside, a jacket. Oh yeah and mocassins? Really? They are no better than Uggs.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      In #3 you’ll see I specifically said to wear a sweater, cardigan or coat that covers your bum. I’m with you on that for sure! And jeans are great if they are the right fit and comfy!

  • Melanie Spencer

    As a flight attendant I wish all my passengers would read this! I have seen it all from bunny slippers to flannel pants and stained T-shirts. It is sad when the average homeless person looks more put together than the lady in 1A!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      Ha! So great to hear a flight attendants point of view. You must have the best stories!

  • Cátia Kitahara

    I’m about to take a big trip from Brazil to Australia, and I’m trying to figure out which is the best outfit. I guess pijamas wouldn’t look nice, but who cares in the end. I won’t look nice either if I’m with puffy eyes because I couldn’t get a good nap due to my unconfortable clothes. But I like your tips, though. The scarf is the best one. Some of the girls look good, but Rachel Bilson, (how confy can you get wearing those long boots?) and the ones wearing jeans? Here in Brazil, when someone isn’t in good mood, we ask: “did you sleep with your jeans on? :) I don’t think that’s a good choice for travelling at all.

    • Sarah H

      I wear jeans on planes often – recently did to the USA from Australia and back. My jeans are really comfortable though. I think just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. :)

  • Terryn McGillicuddy Yates

    If people are going to judge me for wearing Uggs/cozy slippers and sweatpants on an airplane of all places then I’m done with this planet. I do usually go for leggings and long sweaters, but still. On a three-layover flight I’m going to be trying to sleep in a variety of uncomfortable seats so I could care less what people think of how my Napping All Over The World outfit looks. For shorter flights though, I get it.

  • Kate Payne

    I never understood why people fly in pajamas.. I tend to dress comfortable like mentioned above because for one I am out in public and for two because I want to get off the plane and get on to doing something. I don’t want to have to go and change out of pajamas.

  • Alexandra Coleman

    LOVE this article, thank you! It’s so easy to style yourself for a flight, be comfortable and not look like you just rolled out of bed. Yesokwhatever you have the right to dress however you want and no one’s trying to take that away, but think about it this way: you’re carting yourself around all over the country (or internationally), and that’s how you’re representing yourself? One of my favorite things to do in an airport is people watch and try to guess who people are, where they might be going, etc. Yeah – usually when I see a woman in PJs, my first and only thought is “college student, home for break” and move on. And hey, even though I AM a college student (grad), and every flight I’ve ever taken is specifically for that purpose (SO thrilling :p) I’d like to think other people-watchers see me and think “Hm…in advertising? Fashion? Maybe an artist, journalist?” I don’t really care if people judge me, but I do want to project an appearance I can be proud of anywhere – just like I would on a day-to-day basis.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      LOVE your comment. What an exciting “game” to play at the airport. I bet it makes traveling a lot more fun for you. And totally with you and all other points. It’s not about judging, it’s just another option and I do think people underestimate the power of looking good and feeling good in what you’re wearing.

  • Amy Piachniarski

    I remember when I was 12, and going on my first ever plane ride, overseas and overnight. We were leaving around midnight and would be sleeping on the plane, so I asked my mum, “Do I wear pyjamas? Is that what everyone else will be wearing?” And she just laughed and said “Don’t be silly! You wear your normal clothes”. Obviously these other women didn’t get this advice from their mothers… :)

  • Nicole Stuart

    I say, stuff it! I’ve flown from here half way around the globe and back many times. My only solice is after my meal (I’m talking trans-Atlantic flights here), I look forward to changing into pj’s until 30 minutes before the flight lands. I had no idea so many judgemental women were m
    aking mental fashion notes about this!!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      I think that’s different. For a flight that long makes total sense that you would change in and out of your PJs but doesn’t sound like you’re walking around airports and showing up at your hotel in them. PS – No judgement here…this is just a style/fashion advice column…take it or leave it. :)

  • Marinah Boyles

    love! not only because i have this weird affinity to airports and traveling, but because grasie mercedes is amazing! thank you for this article :)

    • Grasie Mercedes

      aww thank you! xo

  • Hayley Bergan

    I’m from a ridiculously small town in Maine and travel via airplane was a big deal. My mother always made us dress asthough it was a special occasion and I’ve totally taken that with me. This 6’3” gal won’t make the mistake of wearing heels on a plane (again) but I definitely make an effort to not look like road kill.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      it’s a fantastic luxury that i think most of us take for granted.

  • Jennifer Lilla

    I travel for work and I have to take crazy flights after being on my feet for a ridiculous amount of time. I would shoot off my own legs if I ever put on pjs or sweatpants to fly. Once you’re over 10 there is no acceptable reason other than day surgery or the gym to wear either sweatpants or pjs in public.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      ahahaha! Touche! love it.

  • Natalie Farra

    if the flight isnt too long, i totally love to dress up for a flight! like they did back in the 50s and 60s! I fly alot to paris from the US to visit my parents and there is always at one girl in sky high louboutin boots, matching louis vuitton luggage and super uncomfortable looking skinny jeans. I figure if they can do wear that, I can at least put on a stylish oversized tea with leggings and boots!

  • Stefanie Gamblin

    I travelled a lot with my parents as a kid and we always dressed up to fly (this was in the ’80’s). Mom would buy me a special outfit for flying and I would wear my fancy shoes. As an adult I don’t dress fancy to fly, I try to keep it comfortable, yet stylish.

  • MaryKate Vadala

    Strongly disagree with everything about this. I am not going to meet the love of my life on a plane, I reserve the right to look like shit and be comfortable. Also, none of the people in those pictures look comfortable.

    • Megan Bower

      Who knows! You might meet the love of your life on a plane. But probably not if you are in your Pjs. Anything is possible.

  • Cait Davanzo Anderson

    I can’t help it, flying is such a pain in the ass, I like to be as comfy as possible! ^_^ I do make my pj’s look pretty good, though :)

  • Kate Flint

    I haven’t been on any terribly long flights before (From Oz to New Zealand was the longest at about 4 hours) and jeans were a definite no-no! I defs like the idea of wearing Jeggings (jean leggings) and a jacket that covers the butt is an excellent idea. I am flying to China at the end of the year, and I will be remembering these useful tips – cheers 😀

  • Jena Evans-Turnbull

    To me wearing PJ’s in public, is the same as wearing a negligee to the dentist, my bra over my shirt, or a snow suit to a museum in July – it just doesn’t make any sense. Pj’s are for bed – they are wonderful, but they were designed specifically for that purpose. I completely agree with being comfortable while flying, especially for extremely long flights, but lets all have enough self respect to at least be wearing clothes meant for outside the bedroom while in public.

  • Christina Bentsen

    When I was younger my grandma always told me to dress up for flights, like legit formal wear and I told my best friend that as well and whenever we traveled together we wore dresses! As I’ve gotten older I don’t go that formal but I still dress up, traveling is an event not a read-a-thon at school. I love these super cute duds for traveling!!

  • Georgia Leaker

    just a side note: in australia (where uggs were invented), the ugg boot is a slipper, as in an around-the-house-i-would-never-go-out-in-public-in-these-lest-i-see-a-cute-boy kinda shoe. so fully agreeing on the ballet flats! plus, ballet flats are easy to kick off! uggs are slippers!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      OMG that is amazing. And I love it. I knew Uggs came from Australia but I had no idea they were meant as slippers. Thank you!

  • Delfina Gaxiola

    To quote The Karl Lagerfeld: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.”

    • Grasie Mercedes

      That is extreme and so very Lagerfeld. I love it. Though I also love my sweats…for home! :)

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