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My first crush ever was a character from The Sandlot. An obvious choice for a young, slightly jocky latina girl like myself, would’ve been Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. With his smoldering eyes, easy grace and crazy amount of stamina for running; I might’ve been willing to make Benny and I work.

(He didnt even bat an eyelash around Wendy Peffercorn or throw up on the carnival ride so you know he’s good boyfriend material.)

But alas my heart belonged to someone else on the cast of the greatest baseball movie ever. The nerdy, lone wolf with a cute side part and the athletic abilities of Ya-Ya’s sister. Oh yea I dug the L-7 weenie himself, Scotty Smalls.

(Thus began my love of nerdy white guys. Sigh.)

What girl wouldnt be impressed with the elaborate marble tube maze he made in his room. Or how about his super healthy relationship with his mom.

(He looked so cute with his black eye, ah and that nervous stammer he got when he lied..swoon.)

Even now, show me a man who can make a robotic catapult but lacks the confidence to talk to the mean neighbor or understand the basics of baseball and I’ll show you my future husband. Yes he eventually got better at baseball and even became some big announcer bro. But honestly, Scotty Smalls was fine just the way he was. The kid built a robot at like 11yrs old for Gods sakes, and he becomes a baseball announcer!?

(Oh and whats with the hat, who wears the same hat for like 30 years.)

This is the only way in which The Sandlot let me down. Smalls should have grown up to become an engineer but instead he remains a lackey to his cool friend Benny and the best he can do is announce (not even coach). The movie should have ended at Smalls Stadium (yes he owns the place because he is a super rich inventor/engineer) with Scott and his family watching “The Jet” and his team, The Beasts, score the winning run. And maybe in this alternate ending (universe) grown up Smalls is a little cuter and I am his wife. End rant.

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  • Corey Podell

    I think I had a crush on the whole team! We should do a where are they now piece.

    • Victoria Alvarez

      Glad yall liked it! Yea lets do it. But we have to pretend the other movies don’t exist.

  • Taylor Madison Russell

    Love it!

  • Andrea Knoche

    hahahahahahahahahaha this is soooo true!

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