How NOT To Curl Your Hair

I love how she was worried about split ends! LOL!

  • Asimina Gonzalez

    ohhh mann.. she twisted her hair all over the iron, not the iron all over her hair and she even counted 20 seconds more, of course this would happen :(

  • Emma Atticus

    Poor thing! At least she had a good laugh about it on the Ellen show :)

  • Jordan Forney

    I saw her on Ellen too. I’m glad there was at least a happy ending for her :-)

    Here’s the link for those who want to see:

  • Pau Cita

    that has never ever happened to me even when i have left the straightener for a long period!!! poor girl :O

  • Melanie Schmitz

    I love how she’s like, “Just hold it there and count 20 or 30 seconds”. If you listen closely, you’ll also hear the sound of a million hairstylists screaming.


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