How Justin Bieber Ruined His Cinderella Story

Childhood was anything but an uplifting time for me, but I grew up to have a fairly promising career and strong support network. It’s why I’ve always favored Cinderella Story celebrities over those who got where they are today through connections, wealth and nepotism. It’s why I’ve defended Justin Bieber to friends, co-workers, relatives and even strangers all these years. Until now.

Though I didn’t actually see his 2011 film Never Say Never, I know what it’s about — and that it made a lot of people cry. It showed viewers how an adorable poor boy from Canada became one of the biggest pop sensations of all time. Not only was this floppy-haired kid raised by a teen mother who’d attempted suicide a few months before becoming pregnant with him, but he also grew up in low-income housing without a single showbiz connection. Yet he demonstrated so much talent and passion for music at a young age that he catapulted to success after being discovered online. It was amazing to watch.

As annoying as many found him, I was truly inspired by Bieber’s story, as I almost always get behind the underdog or Cinderella figure. His DUI charge Thursday morning, however, has forced me to reevaluate my stance on The Biebs. First he urinated into a restaurant mop bucket, then he frivolously cursed a former president, then he egged a neighbor’s house, and then he spray-painted a wall with Kelly Osbourne. I’d say his girlfriend Selena Gomez dodged a bullet, and she’s probably thankful to have that kind of energy out of her life at the moment.

None of those things could have killed anyone, but driving 25-30 miles over the speed limit under the influence is another story. That kind of behavior can hurt others, so no matter how troubled he may be right now, endangering lives is unacceptable and inexcusable. That’s why I’m hoping most of the #FreeBieber hashtags are in jest. Given the blind dedication of many Beliebers, however, I’m certain some of these people think it’s everyone else that needs to give the guy a little slack.

I know he’s still a teenager. At 19, I wasn’t a fully formed human being either, but Bieber’s behavior is beyond immature. He’s reckless, and what would a Belieber think had Justin hurt one of his/her relatives? Would Justin still be in the right because he’s Justin Bieber or would he just be another crappy person to force his own problems onto others through idiotic, thoughtless actions?

He may have beamed in his “smug” shot, but Bieber isn’t really smiling inside. A happy person wouldn’t be doing all these questionable things. He’s crying for help. He recently announced his retirement from music, and look what happened to Amanda Bynes after she publicly quit acting. Bynes, who was also charged with a DUI, got help before she could harm another person, and it’s my hope that the same can happen for Bieber. Some folks are taking pleasure in his downfall, but I don’t like to see anyone crumble, let alone for the entire world to see. I truly hope he gets better. Last February, my good friend and former college newspaper colleague Jazmine Woodberry pondered whether Bieber would become a timeless singer like Justin Timberlake or a washed out sadsack like Aaron Carter. At this rate, he’s doing much worse than Aaron Carter, and he did that to himself in less than a year.

As much as I want the old Bieber back, I am done standing up for him. His Cinderella Story has inspired me since I first heard about him in 2009, when he automatically followed everyone who followed him on Twitter, but as my former co-worker Jamie Frevele pointed out to me, Cinderella never got tanked at the ball or drove her pumpkin off the road. Bieber, if you want to continue with the rags to riches story line, you shouldn’t be doing these things either.

What do you think of Bieber’s downward spiral? Share in the comments.

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  • Laura Rees

    I thunk Justin Bieber is becoming victim to the fate that is experienced by so many childhood stars. Most children cannot handle a world of intense worship, fame and wealth that becomes the life of celebrity children.. I really think it’s a form of child abuse. And if Justin Bieber was an isolated case maybe we could blame him, but when you consider celebrity kids such as Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Corey Haim, Macaulay Caulkin, River Phoenix and all the other sad cases out there, I think you can easily agree that we can’t fault Justin Bieber in his behaviour. The media loves to idolize these kids almost as much as they love to tear them down.

    • Jill Mayo

      He is responsible for his own behavior. Being a child starvis no excuse to drive drunk. I am tired of people making excuses for people who chose to break the law. UT WAS HIS CHOICE.

      • Laura Rees

        No UT WASN’T.

        • Jess Bone

          It was his choice to drink drive. I’m sorry but it’s inexcusable. Would you be this blasé about a friend who chose to do it? It’s time he took responsibility.

  • Sallie Murphy

    Cinderella is fictional- Justin is a living, breathing human person. It’s not a fair comparison. And as such, his story will continue to develop, just like yours, just like mine. For whatever reason, we are all watching his. And he inexplicably brings out the nastiest, most judgmental side of many. When I was 19, I did exclusively stupid things, and not much else. Thank goodness no one cared except my own family. I would say to him EXACTLY what I would say to any 19 year old bonehead I know- learn from this. You are better than this behavior. However, your are not your mistakes and they don’t define you. Just get your sh*t together and make better choices next time.
    Also worth noting that we might not know the whole story- lots of reports now saying that he was neither intoxicated nor speeding…

  • Hazel Vera

    I’ve read many times that privacy is his biggest issue. He hated at one point that he couldn’t be a “normal” kid. He couldn’t go out and board with his friends without people bothering him. He was thrown into the industry and I agree… I defended him because of his story. While I still think it’s unfair people talk all this crap about him I think he needs to get his crap together too. I can assume that this is all very hard to deal with but I would think that by signing with Usher he would had given him some tips on how to deal.

    This is coming out way harsher than I intended it to but ugh, so many emotions.

    He has younger siblings, is this the way they want to know their older brother? As someone who does all these things in public and goes to jail? It’s just sad seeing how all of this is turning out for him.

  • Lisa Kraemer Blundon

    I do realize he has made many poor choices of late, but all the Cambio, TMZ etc articles seem to add to the negativity with the parts they leave out of the stories. I’m going to guess his DUI gets rescinded as the reporters who the it as 0.04, while in truth it was 0.014. Big difference there. Also, even though I still believe drag racing is a rather poor choice of activity on a city street, they had cars parked to block the street at the beginning and end so no one else could drive into the “race” area unexpectedly.
    That said, there is no excuse for peeing in a mop bucket, ever.
    As for the spray painting with Ms. Osborne, I believe it wasn’t as a vandalism, but, in fact, an area where they have chosen to let youth express themselves artistically in the city. I believe they hope this allowable outlet could curtail actual acts of vandalism throughout the rest of the city! I applaud city councillors for the effort, but highly doubt they will receive the outcome they are anticipating.
    Come to Canada on devils night (October 30) and see how many houses have egg on them (or soap, or toilet paper). It’s almost a right of passage to do this to your neighbours! Granted, it’s January, not December, but perhaps it’s a story retell that seemed easier to show than to just tell? Who knows with that one!?! But really, make him get out the power washer and clean their house on the outside…..punishment fits the crime for that one.
    Should he stop this Sizzurp habit? Most definitely! At least it’s not heroine or cocaine or crack, so it should be much easier for him to end.
    Is he perfect? By no means! Is he as horrendous as everyone is making him out to be? No! He’s 19. He’s doing what millions of 19 year olds have done for hundreds of years before he was even a twinkle in his mother’s eye! The unfortunate part for him is that he has to do his living under the microscope of celebrity. I’m sure he will survive and thrive, as millions of raucous 19 year olds have done before him.
    Rant over

    • Kat Automatica

      You are aware that the legal drinking age is 21 and not 19, correct?? So yea, it’s still a big deal.

  • Chwin Wern

    1) People should stop bashing and hating on him. He wasn’t like this initially and it’s definitely not his fault sounding like a girl (according to netizens) I’m not sure if this should be considered as cyber bullying when people are making fun of his voices and all he is doing is just making his dreams come true, having a better life. With all these unnecessary pressure under his belt, how do you expect him to live life happily, he’s upset, angry, disappointed and prompted him to carelessly make out all these acts. He IS wrong for this DUI case, but if we were to trace back who started all these bulls-t, he wouldn’t be in fault.

    2) Get him into rehab. Demi needs to talk to him. If his manager, Scooter, or Usher or his family wouldn’t allow it, then screw them xD I mean, when he makes the retirement statement, I think there’s still a part of him still wants to be a normal person doing his job. Rehab is probably the place for him to stop running wild for a while.

    I’m neither a fan nor a hater, but I just thought this kid deserves a chance to do his own thing. Stop disturbing him. Maybe he could write some songs in rehab who knows. Stop treating him as your money tree and ruin his life. We definitely don’t want to see the day he gets another mugshot. Leave the kid alone and let him do his own thing. Kthanxbai

  • Juan Rodriguez

    To me this seems a little suspicious, the fact that the father allegedly closed off the street so his kid (Bieber) could race, gives you a clue, and now Justin Bieber has ”street cred”, he’s a rebel, I think he ripped a page from ”Twerkin Montana”, and got a hell of publicity out of his little stunt, anyway, that’s what I see, of course I might be wrong and he’s just a moron!

  • Jess Bone

    Whilst he has immense pressure on him, so do a lot of other celebrities. I don’t agree with making light of this and putting his actions down to his age, or the pressure that’s upon him etc etc. In life a persons actions are their responsibility – there may be many influences from the outside but as humans we CHOOSE whether to do something or not. I think he should be made accountable for his actions… All of them. His crimes are worsening, albeit in small increments, but his recent recklessness endangered not only his life but others. Again, if this wasn’t a celebrity but someone who blamed a difficult upbringing, would we be as supportive or forgiving? I’ve come across too many people in life who blame their behaviour on their upbringing or past or other stresses. They CHOOSE to behave that way just like they can CHOOSE to get help. I just hope he turns this behaviour around before he makes someone a victim.

  • Michael Williams

    Well Put

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