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How Jennifer Aniston Saved My Life

Recently, I was dating a guy for a while. Nearly six months to be exact. Things were going well. I wasn’t sure if he was the ONE but I knew I was really happy and enjoying the time we spent together.

Close to the six-month mark, I started feeling distance from him. I approached him. My women’s intuition was dead on; something had changed for him. Basically, he sat me down and told me that he never believed in true love. That he had always dated girls that were great, he enjoyed being with, but never believed in the whole true love bs. Until now. He found his “soulmate.”

*Disclaimer: that person was NOT me. (Tricked ya, huh?!)

After nearly six months of dating, my (non) boyfriend (we never had a title. Sigh…) had met his “soulmate.” And while he was unsure what the outcome would be with this other girl, he was willing to take that chance to find out. Heartbroken, embarrassed, sad… I left that night in tears, and spent several more after that in a haze.

I began to move forward… I even started dating again. I KNOW! Go me!

And then it happened… recently I came to discover he and his “soulmate” were now together. While not 100% confirmed, my 90% assurance and my women’s intuition knocked it well over 100%. (I mean c’mon, they’re pretty much engaged… in my head.)

The emotions came rushing back again. In a huge way. I didn’t know where to turn. My normal go–to Tivo full of mind-numbing (brilliant!) reality television wasn’t even helping. I couldn’t focus. The thought of talking on the phone to any of my friends about it, was too much. And then I spied across the table, a new issue of US Weekly.

There, a cover story on Jennifer Aniston’s newest man. A man she in fact may have stolen from another woman after a 12-year-long relationship. And like in every article about Jennifer’s love life, there was mention of Angelina and Brad. And I immediately started to feel better. Can you imagine having your heart broken and then having it plastered on every magazine and news show without any way to escape? Brangelina (yeah, they even had a nickname… salt in the wound much?) is now perhaps the most famous celebrity couple in the world. My ex isn’t gracing the covers of magazines each week with the constant reminder that he chose his “soulmate” over me. A huge grin came across my face, knowing I was way better off than one of the biggest celebrities of our time. And while sure, Jennifer is gorgeous, a bazillionaire and all around more fortunate than I am, heartbreak is heartbreak. And I knew Jennifer Aniston had felt it. And probably 1000x worse.

I smiled, realizing my own good fortune. And fell asleep holding my copy of ‘US weekly’ tightly.

Jennifer Aniston saved me that night.

(Ahem, remind me to renew my subscription to ‘US Weekly’)

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