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How I'm Never Letting Summer Go by Looking Like a Golden Goddess

Last night, I watched the movie Never Let Me Go.

Basically, three attractive people (one significantly less attractive after getting a buzz-cut halfway through the picture but he was too busy donating his organs to be bothered with blow-drying, so I think that had something to do with his lack of touchable mane) are actually clones created solely to donate their organs to humans a few times and then they all die. What I took away from the movie was that I am holding onto summer the way they held onto each other.

I love summer. Summer is the only time of the year when it’s acceptable practice to wear your bikini top in lieu of a bra (or actual top!) and no one questions you. They all assume you’re on your way to or from the pool. It’s like they have no clue that you’re doing this because you haven’t done your laundry since there was snow on the ground. This is just one of the many magical things that summer has to offer us and why we should never let it go.

In my last-ditch attempt to hang onto summer, I’ve drawn some inspiration for my face from everyone’s favorite thing: gold. Obviously.

I don’t actually own any gold jewelry but that’s fine, because this look would be overkill with real bling. Plus, our faces are really the greatest jewel of them all, aren’t they? Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Now, you could do the same old boring gold eyeshadow thing, or you could go for a clean line of color with some gold eyeliner. I used Sephora Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Metallic Gold.

From afar and through the lens of my laptop, it looks like no big deal:

I’m not naked; I’m wearing a tube top. It’s summer! RELAX!

But up close, it’s great. It’s subtle, yet bold! I know I sound like I’m phoning in an art history paper right now, but look:

Is there any other way to describe this than subtle, yet bold? I mean, other than awesome?

You literally just sweep it across your lids — the closer your skin is to the color of gold, the more margin for error you have — and then throw on some mascara (and additional black eyeliner if you have a slight eyeliner addiction like myself) and you’re ready to go out and do whatever it is that you do.

If you want to keep channeling the gold energy we’ve established that we love all over your face, I’m really into Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. It’s buildable and shimmery in a glamorous way (not an elementary school craft project way — important distinction!) and gives you the glow you need to convince everyone you’ve been laying out instead of writing HelloGiggles articles all week.

Featured image via Money Press.

  • Bonnie Bertram

    I hope no one reads this before reading the book/seeing the film!

    • Filleosophy

      Crap, sorry! Hope I didn’t spoil anything for you or anything else. It’s almost a year old so I didn’t think to put a spoiler warning.

  • Victor Saltykov

    i like stamp

    • Filleosophy

      Yeah, stamps are pretty sick.

  • Iris Casarez

    i like your makeup advice though since im on the dark skin side i dont feel i can pull off the nice colors you can which is a drag since i love pink and red lipstick..besides that i also saw the movie i gotta say it went over my jead a little lile why are these clones not revolting?, and why are they looking for the person they’re cloned from..i shouldve read book definetely…..

    • Filleosophy

      Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t revolt either. It was weird. Did it have to do with their little wrist beepy things? Like, maybe they were being tracked? I don’t know. And do you think you can’t do the gold eyeliner? Because I personally think it would be infinitely more gorgeous on someone with darker skin. I also definitely think you can do pinks and reds. You just have to play around and find the right shade!

  • Alyssa Fisher

    I have been a HUGE gold eyeliner fan for years! People are always so pleasantly surprised by it. I’m also about to start reading Never Let Me Go, because the movie was pretty lackluster in my opinion but I’ve heard great things about the book. (Oh and sidenote, I picked up some ELF products @ Target yesterday, I’m so excited to try them)

    • Filleosophy

      I THOUGHT THE MOVIE WAS SO BAD. My boyfriend and I kept taking breaks from the boredom and watching YouTube videos and then we’d restart it because we’d already invested so much time into it, but… nothin’. Anyway, ELF is pretty hit or miss, but when it’s hit, IT’S AWESOME. What’d you get?

  • Olivia Colsman Langford

    the book was really different and I loved it, but it was very, very slow. Not a page turner, but also strangely enthralling. the eyeliner, on the other hand, is *completely* enthralling and I love it. Good work.

  • Kate Allgood Cowley

    Never Let Me Go (the movie) = Lackluster. Your gold eyeliner PLUS black eyeliner = Totally full of luster and everything wonderful and sparkly.

  • Jodi Jean Patel

    What black eyeliner do you use? I can never find one that lasts long enough with a decent lifespan. MAC has a very lovey brush but it’s get gloopy fast. Any suggestions?

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