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How I Feel About Algebra

2(3x – 7) 4 (3 x 2) = 6 (5 x 9 ) 3

Solve for x.

Poor x. Alone in this world, with no identity. Shunned by the other numbers, because he does not know who he is. X cannot fit in the fives, or the eights. He isn’t even really a number. X is misunderstood. A mystery, who must be solved.

Fear not X! I am your savior. I will find out your worth x! I will assign you a value! Soon you will stand among your numbered comrades, no longer nameless, but with a numerical worth. You may fear that you will fall on the end of the scale, as a fraction, or worse, a negative. Do not worry little x. That’s what they made absolute values for.

Time to start our journey together X. I fear it will not be an easy one, as it seems you have surrounded yourself with a bad crowd. You are locked in a parenthesis prison with a 3 and a -7, and a 2 outside of you, guarding the gate. It looks like you are pretty tangled up x. You are busy on both sides of the equation. That hanging 3 looks suspicious. “Add me at the end!” it seems to shout. No, 3, you will not fool me. I will subtract you.

Actually I don’t know where to subtract you from 3, so you can stay there. This is really hard. Things are not looking good for you x. You’ve really got yourself in a situation.

You know what, x. It is not my fault that you fell into this bad crowd. Surrounding yourself with all those other numbers, confusing people. I wanted to help you x. And maybe I could’ve if you didn’t get stuck in those parenthesis. I don’t know how to get you out of those, x.

X, I have failed you. I will never be able to help you figure out who you are now. You will remain nameless, undefined, the variable. I hope that you will find others like you X, maybe an a-squared or a p. Maybe if I had found you at an early stage things would’ve been different ,like when you were just X-3 = 6. Your life has become too complicated for me to help you with now x. It looks like you’ll have to solve yourself. Good luck, x.

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  • Jess Curry

    Brilliant! Exactly how I would feel trying to solve an equation now! Thanks for the laugh 😀

  • Mia Zessimedes

    I think x is 7.9583

    • Christie Prtz

      yeah! 7.958333333333333

      Anyways, thumbs up, that’s a great post! Sometimes I feel like that!

  • Kathryn Lentini

    This makes me so sad. I am going to school to be a middle school or high school math teacher and I want so bad for people to give math a chance. All it is is rule. You have rules about how to write a good essay, rules about how to apply your make-up, rules about how to do you hair. Why can’t you remember the rules for solving for x? It’s really not difficult. And trust me, I know. I grew up hating math. I never did well. I was always confused. Math was not for me. Then I took college Algebra and got an A. Then I took college Trig and got an A. I realized, math isn’t as hard as I thought it was. It just involves a little effort, like an essay, make-up, and hair. Please don’t push algebra or math aside because you don’t think it is important. It is important!

    • Kimberly Block

      I agree! I’m going to school to be a middle school math teacher as well. At first I was really excited by the looks of this article, but then realized it was actually kind of dumping on algebra and I was disappointed. We need more women in the field of math as an inspiration to other girls. Math is fun! Solving for x is like solving a mystery and I liked the way you made it sound like a rescue mission, that was awesome! I wish I could share just the first half of the article. :(

    • Taylor Phillips

      I double-majored in math and computer science in college…I wish my job gave me opportunities to do algebra, I miss it!

  • Mira Talenjale

    wahahaha…you shoot that horse on the face!! I hate MATH!! I hate ALGEBRA!! thanks for the laugh!! you brighten up my night :)

  • Alex McKelley

    Hahhah, I’m totally using this thought process to keep myself happy when I’m stuck doing Algebra! It will definitely make me feel less terrible about my non-existent math skills. I just don’t understand it!

  • Kelli Tilford

    i’m in algebra & this is exactly how i feel! loved it :)

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