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How Blair Waldorf Helped Me

Sadly, Gossip Girl has come to an end. After dedicating about six years of my life to this programme, it’s beginning to dawn on me how much I’m going to miss it.

Whenever I say something along these lines to my parents, they say something along the lines of: ‘It’s just a TV programme. Something else will fill its slot. You’ll forget all about it.’ But is this true?

People nowadays are dedicating more and more of their life to sitting in front of the television screen, becoming absorbed in the life of their characters (guilty!). Some programmes may seem a little outrageous, but the characters are why we love them. Because sometimes, the characters are just like us. There was a line in One Tree Hill that summed this up.

“Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world. Maybe it’s a lot like your world, maybe it’s nothing like it. But if you look closer, you might see someone like you.”

-Lucas Scott

With Gossip Girl, the character I like most is undoubtedly Blair Waldorf. Yes, she can sometimes be mean and yes, she can sometimes be really really mean. But what I like about Blair is that she’s very upfront about this. And the things she goes through really are relevant to girls today. Okay, so there is a very slim chance that I personally will end up with a shotgun wedding to the heir of Monaco which ends in tatters when I run off with my best friend, however, some of the issues Blair deals with really do affect girls today. Her parents’ divorce, which she comes to reconcile herself with, the break-up with the boy she really did think she was in love with and the eating disorder which haunts her, are issues which many young people are having to face today. And she dealt with them all admirably – apart from the occasional outburst and backhanded scheme.

More to the point, Blair’s on-again, off-again best-friendship with Serena really strikes a chord with me. What girl hasn’t gone through the trauma of losing at least one best friend? I know I have. And Blair has always done the thing which we might find hardest to do: take Serena back. Sure, Serena slept with Blair’s boyfriend. Yes, she moved away for a year and didn’t even call. Okay, she may have stolen the attention of Blair’s mother. And that was just in the first season. Fast-forward five years and she’s leaking Blair’s diary to the internet and posting rumours about her to anyone who’ll read it (I’m proud to say my best friends have never done any of these things). But Blair has always been there to give Serena a second chance, and when you’re dealing with trust issues and disappointments in your own life, it’s nice to be able to sink down in front of the television and suddenly realise that, actually the solution is right in front of you, you just have to see it. Just let it go. Even if the person you love is going to turn round and stab you in the back again faster than you can say ‘you know you love me’, at least you tried.

And that’s why I’m going to miss Blair Waldorf. I might not be running my own fashion company and I might not be a divorced former princess, but like any girl I’ve had to deal with friendship battles and I’m glad Blair was there to show me how it’s done – and to teach me that when you don’t swallow your anger, it will go publicly and humiliatingly wrong. And partly because of that, I can happily say I have some very strong friendships.

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