By now, we’ve all had ample time to swoon over the hunks of the ’80s, so now it’s time to move into the next decade, which is why I present you with today’s gallery: Hotties of the ’90s. (My Google spell check is still denying that “hotties” is a real word. You’re KILLING me, Google!)

We watched them on TV, bought all of their albums on cassette, wallpapered our walls with their posters, scribbled their names in gel pens all over our Trapper Keepers, so let’s take a few moments to skip (or maybe Skip-It?) down memory lane and daydream about our favorite pieces of ’90s man meat all over again.

Who was your favorite Teen Beat babe?

  • Jessy Dolensky

    Lots of memories I was a kid in the 90’s so I’ve had a crush on joshua Jackson since Mighty Ducks lol!
    Leo DiCaprio in brotherly love was adorable.
    Unlike most girls my favorite N’synk was JC, I never got the whole justin thing. And I’m embaressed to say I had an obsession with Nick Carter! (Again I was a kid haha)

  • Susannah Wells

    A little ashamed to admit, I also hung posters of Edward Furlong and Jonathan Brandis (may he rest in peace). I suppose it’s expected that our tastes may change as we grow older. No longer drooling after pubescent boys. (Cue collective sigh of relief.) I now prefer men! Real men that are hairier and a tad dirty.

  • Kelly Brinks

    this list is dead on. look how pretty they all were!

    (one thing though mark wahlberg wasn’t in NKOTB…)

    • Danielle Romeo

      He was actually in NKOTB for a while! He was in the original lineup w/ Donny, but left pretty early on. (NGL, I wiki’d it to double check before I posted this haha)

  • Cristal Bernal

    Devon Sawa was my fav.

  • Carie McDonough

    I was all about Brad Renfro!

  • Julia Gazdag

    Still on Team Krakow. Sigh.

  • Thash Nathan

    I had that EXACT poster of Freddie Prinze Jr. on my bedroom wall!! Those were the days.. I think Nick Carter should be there too! :)

  • Katie Fritcher

    thanks for including ethan embry on this list! I adored him and i feel his adorableness gets overlooked! I mean, come on! Mark in Empire Records? Preston in Can’t Hardly Wait, arguably the best teen movies of the nineties? Bobby Ray in Sweet Home Alabama (technically a 2000’s film)? Such a cutie!

  • Nicole Paulhus

    Devon Sawa anyone?

    • Anonymous

      he had me in casper and little giants!

  • Camila Viana

    i would say Scott Speedman and Scott Foley from Felicity!Late 90’s but still 90’s!!!

  • Christina Sparkle

    Yes, yes, yes! But how could you forget Josh Hartnett?! 😉

    • Danielle Romeo

      OHMYGOSH how could I forget Josh HOTnet??? #fail.

  • Erin Iacavone

    Oh, I defnitely agree with pp about Scott Speedman – I crushed on him hard!

  • Anonymous

    leo of course!

  • Kendra Harmel

    Andrew Keegan! Hello!!! And Jonathan Jackson from Camp Nowhere and GH…but JTT will always be number 1

  • Tracey Curtis

    Leo was my first major celeb crush…JTT was a close second

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