Hot Winter Accessories Under $10!

With this cray weather, spring isn’t anywhere in sight, so to keep you totally prepared for whatever mother nature has in store, bundle up with these hot winter accessories under $10. Plus, you’ll so have some money left over for that calling cup of hot chocolate.

1. Rakuten Light Purple Elegant Solid Color Fringe Scarf ($7.99,

Pay tribute to the new Pantone color of the year with this orchid-colored scarf made with a soft and lightweight fabric.

2. Warehouse Long Knitted Arm Warmers ($8,

When the temperatures hit bone-chilling lows, warm up your eyes with this stylish yet ultra-affordable arm warmers.

3. Shop Prima Donna Kiffer Knit Headwrap ($9.99,

If you hate hat head, bundle up in this adorable pink knitted head wrap.

4. K. Bell 3 Button Leg Warmer ($8.50,

Dress up those snow boots with these three button legwarmers available in winter white and black onyx shades.

5. Boohoo Jessica Meow Embroidered Beanie ($10,

Give your beanie some sass with this cheeky embroidered beanie.

6. Discovery Clothing Cheetah Print Scarf ($7.99,

Who doesn’t love some fierce cheetah print? Especially with this stylish throw-on you can throw in your purse or in your carry-on.

7. ModCloth Cat’s What I Call Lucky Socks ($7.99,

For socks with some attitude, get a little lucky with this funky ModCloth pair.

8. CTM 2 Pack Knit Texting Gloves ($4.95,

Keep up with your texting swag with this two pack of texting gloves for an unbeatable price.

9. AMIClubwear Black Zebra Beanie Hat ($5.99,

For just 5.99, this beanie is essential for those subarctic-feeling days.

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