Hot Winter Accessories Under $10!Courtney Leiva

With this cray weather, spring isn’t anywhere in sight, so to keep you totally prepared for whatever mother nature has in store, bundle up with these hot winter accessories under $10. Plus, you’ll so have some money left over for that calling cup of hot chocolate.

1. Rakuten Light Purple Elegant Solid Color Fringe Scarf ($7.99,

Fringe Scarf

Pay tribute to the new Pantone color of the year with this orchid-colored scarf made with a soft and lightweight fabric.

2. Warehouse Long Knitted Arm Warmers ($8,


When the temperatures hit bone-chilling lows, warm up your eyes with this stylish yet ultra-affordable arm warmers.

3. Shop Prima Donna Kiffer Knit Headwrap ($9.99,


If you hate hat head, bundle up in this adorable pink knitted head wrap.

4. K. Bell 3 Button Leg Warmer ($8.50,


Dress up those snow boots with these three button legwarmers available in winter white and black onyx shades.

5. Boohoo Jessica Meow Embroidered Beanie ($10,

boohoo_Jessica Meow Embroidered Beanie_$10

Give your beanie some sass with this cheeky embroidered beanie.

6. Discovery Clothing Cheetah Print Scarf ($7.99,


Who doesn’t love some fierce cheetah print? Especially with this stylish throw-on you can throw in your purse or in your carry-on.

7. ModCloth Cat’s What I Call Lucky Socks ($7.99,

Cat's What I Cal Lucky Socks - $7.99

For socks with some attitude, get a little lucky with this funky ModCloth pair.

8. CTM 2 Pack Knit Texting Gloves ($4.95,


Keep up with your texting swag with this two pack of texting gloves for an unbeatable price.

9. AMIClubwear Black Zebra Beanie Hat ($5.99,


For just 5.99, this beanie is essential for those subarctic-feeling days.


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