Hot Voting Issues Not Kept Under the Rug

The election is FINALLY over – hooray!  Seems like the campaign went on for more than four years. One thing is for sure – people got out there and voted with passion. Upon speaking with a diverse group of California voters on Election Day, I discovered that there are many issues voters care about that the mainstream media did not address. Thanks to my trusty Red Carpet, I was able to get down and dirty with these intelligent folks and learned what really matters to them. Popular topics include domestic and foreign affairs, women’s issues and the importance of choosing the best running mate.  You may be thinking that the press did in fact address those subjects. Not exactly. In less than four minutes, American voters and I tackled HOT issues on the red carpet that politicians seemed to sweep under the rug. America is the most beautiful country where all our voices can and should be heard especially on a glam red carpet. Now that the heated race is over, all sides have exhaled.  I’m sure we can agree it’s time to focus on other important news and events like who is Justin Bieber going to date next?

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