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This new delightfully creepy horror anthology is completely directed by women

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There’s no need to wait for Halloween to get some serious spookiness into your life. Thanks to this awesome horror anthology, XX, you can enjoy some scary thrills very soon. And the rush of getting scared from these awesome stories isn’t even the coolest part about them.

Every episode of the XX horror anthology was directed by a woman.

And the stars of each of the episodes are also women. Basically, these scary stories are packed with some serious #girlpower. And, based on the trailer alone, they will not disappoint serious horror fans. There’s mystery, creepy strangers, and – of course – eerie pulsating background music that adds to the ambiance.

If you like Black Mirror, this series seems to take the dystopian short story structure to the next level.

Each concise line of dialogue in the trailer forwards every nerve-wracking story.

And it makes us both nervous and excited to see more.

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