Honorary Husband

Honorary Husband Award: Jason Hoppy

Perfect Analogies are perfect because they often pair seemingly unrelated inanimate objects to actual people (based on my own personal “rule of perfect analogies”).

In the spirit of perfect analogies, I would say that the following Hello Giggles “Honorary Husband” could be compared to your favorite bra: he’s comfortable (in his own skin), he fits you perfectly, and most importantly: he’s SUPPORTIVE.  That man is Mr. Jason Hoppy, who first came into the public eye as Bethenny Frankel’s handsome, patient, self-deprecating, “supportive” fiancé on her hit reality show Bethenny Getting Married, which led to him becoming her handsome, patient, self-deprecating, “supportive” husband on her follow up show Bethenny Ever After.  It goes without saying that there would be no “Ever After” in “Bethenny Ever After” if it weren’t for Jason Hoppy.

He really is the ultimate honorary husband because he’s the full package.  Highlighting the word “supportive” to describe Jason Hoppy is important, because being supportive is Jason’s primary Modus Operandi: he’s the ultimate “supportive” man (emphasis on the word “man”) to his very busy, very neurotic, very successful wife.  And “supportive” is not a virtue that all men are born with (hats off to Jason’s parents), nor is “supportive” a virtue that all men aspire to cultivate.

In some reality television households, we see husbands proudly proclaiming that they’ve never “changed a diaper” (cringe for them), while we perpetually see Jason holding, cleaning, and loving his precious baby girl, Bryn (and her beautiful mama, Bethenny Frankel).  Hailing from Hazelton, Pennsylvania, it’s not far-fetched to say that Jason Hoppy is the solid, quintessential all American man (next door).  To quote Salt n Pepa, “he’s secure in his manhood because he’s a real man,” and that’s why we love him.  Jason Hoppy: we salute you as an Honorary Husband.

Edward Hansen is a writer, entrepreneur, and occasional ingenue. He lives in Los Angeles and is not a K.D. Lang impersonator.

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