Now & Then is one of my favorite movies. I remember every time after I saw it when I was younger, I would want to build a tree house so badly. I would talk about the idea with all of my friends. We all wanted to raise money so that we could get the necessary supplies to build one. We attempted to start a babysitting club. We tried to sell lemonade and cookies. We even tried to have a car wash. However, none of these endeavors lasted long enough to raise enough money. But we definitely had fun trying.

For today’s gallery, I’ve decided to display some interesting and architecturally complex tree houses. Even if we did have the funds to to build a tree house, I don’t think my friends and I could build anything like these houses. Did you have a tree house growing up?

  • Pamela Marfleet

    I’ve been to the tree house in the first picture. It’s in a place called the Enchanted Forest in British Columbia, Canada!

  • Sophie Noakes

    The third one is actually a restaurant! I think there are stairs in the tree.

  • Josie Suhs

    We tried to make a tree house when I was younger. There was a tree coming out of a hill and we made wooden steps going up. It was one of my favorite places to sit. Unfortunately our wood working skills never surpassed nailing wooden plans to the tree. But it was close enough for me, now I just need to find a man who will build me a legit one. 😀

  • Hannah Epperly

    I wanted a tree house always when I was growing up and had to settle for just bringing a bunch of stuff in a backpack and go climb a tree and pretend to live in it. It wasn’t very comfortable at all. One day though when my carpentry skills improve I will build a little tree house for myself and call it my creativity hut.

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