Hollywood Hookers

Ever since I was I child, I’ve had an obsession with painted ladies on the silver screen!

Put me in a house of ill repute like Blue Angel’s Marlene Dietrich wearing a cream colored satin top hat and I turn into a Magpie! I love shiny things! 

In the 6th grade, I remember my friend Andy Paisley and I putting water balloons in our shirts for our boobies and using the small fig tree out on my front lawn as a lamp post to circle around, pretending to be ladies of the night… Aww, so cute!

The first time I saw Shirley MacLaine in Sweet Charity, I ran out and bought a short black mini dress and dyed my hair red and started painting my lips red.

Jane Fonda in  Klute  inspired my shagged hair.

Or Giuletta Masina in  Nights of Cabiria…Why, YES!  Of course I own a  vintage marabou feather bolero jacket and a tight black and white striped shirt… So Frenchy!

Again, girls, if you haven’t seen this Federico Fellini film, do it now and thank me later!

In my twenties, I pulled from of the look of Jodie Foster  in Taxi Driver – a ’40s silk blouse  with hot pants held up by a leather studded belt and platform shoes. Soft smokey eyes and red lips.

My friend Heidi and I looked so convincing that one morning on our way to work, a vintage shop on Height Ashbury a man and his family on vacation touring San Francisco pointed to us and said in a southern accent, “Son, them there are hookers!”

I hesitate to admit, but that was a proud moment for us!

Please don’t become a hooker just enjoy the history of old Hollywood. Sure, they had some great ideas of how to dress the ladies of the night. But please, just enjoy the things that surround you inspirations from old films or music or acts of historical political movements.  Just looking at life or art and translated it in anyway you want to is always a fun way to express and discover yourself!

Here is how to get a tasteful Hollywood hooker look!  Enjoy! Meow meow!

Smokey eyes with a sheer red tone gloss and a clean dewy skin! For a fresh dewy complexion start with Laura Mercier illuminating tinted Moisture SPF 20:

They also make an Oil free tinted moisturizer and a regular tinted moisturizer in SPF 20 – all of them are very light but enhance the skin with a natural finish.

Then for more cover under the eyes,  try By Terry Anti-Cernes Lumi-Correcteur.

For Blemishes and spots I like Laura Mercier’s flawless fix.

For your quick smokey eyes, I’m in love with Chanel’s Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow in Mirfique.  It’s a real sparkle parade in a jar!

For the inner eye, try the Rimmel London Precision eye liner pencil in Black Magic! Also, Sexy Curves Mascara also by Rimmel in extreme black is great.

For cheeks, try Benefit’s Coralista. It has a beautiful highlighter built in so you can glow in all the right places!

For the lips, try the natural Josie Maran Shimmery Candy Apple gloss, without using a lip liner giving the lips just a touch of color.

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