Holiday Tree Napkin Ring

Create a unique holiday table with wrapping paper! In an effort to dress up your every day table for the holidays, make a few adjustments by adding placemats and napkin rings! Naturally, we made ours all out of wrapping paper. Follow these easy DIY steps to get a artistic holiday table.

What you will need:

  • Napkins
  • Sharpie to trace pattern
  • Scissors to cut out pattern
  • Wrapped Paper

Step 1: Gather materials

We used Penmar paper for the napkin ring and Burst  paper for the place mat (seen above).

Step 2: Trace on tree design.

Note: Measure your napkin rolled up and make the distance between the trees that measurement.

Martha Stewart was the inspiration for these trees and she offers an amazing template here. Cut out trees.

Step 3: Cut along the dotted line a short distance, but not all the way.

Take the tree without the stump and slide it just behind the tree with a trunk to create the ring.

Step 4: Secure tree ring around napkin.

To finish, cut out a placemat from Burst wrapping paper.


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