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Holiday Gift Guide for the Etsy Lover

Nothing says thoughtfulness like a homemade gift – even if you didn’t do it yourself. Etsy is full of some of the most talented, creative people out there (for better or worse) and some of my very favourite items have come from there. Below are some of my personal picks for shops which offer great items to fill in your holiday gift lists!

1. Foxwise

Foxwise is one of those fantastic Etsy shops that offers a creative way to geek out at totally reasonable prices. Rose runs a staggering SEVEN shops from her Los Angeles home, but Foxwise was my first love –  particularly because she pays homage to some of our favourite fictional characters with custom Doctor Who and Harry Potter keychains, necklaces, etc. You can also pick your own phrase to be stamped on the items. What’s not to love?

2. Paradise Body Shop

Paradise body shop won me over in two regards: one, it’s all hand made by the shop’s creator, Candice, and two, she makes a strawberry sugar scrub/whipped soap that smells absolutely divine, to the point where I’m not convinced that it’s not actually edible. She also offers some glorious bar soaps (in varieties such as banana nut bread, pumpkin lager and rosemary stout) and the packaging is impeccable.

3. Kate Durkin

Kate Durkin makes some of the cutest home goods around! The pillows are absolutely adorable – from dachshunds and owls to bunnies and bears, each item is unique and absolutely adorable. She also sells some really great prints, as well. Love it!

4. All Things Exquisite

All Things Exquisite makes cookies so… exquisite (ha) that they’re almost too gorgeous to eat. Of course, they have to be eaten because they’re cookies, Duh.

5. Le Animale

Le Animale sells – you guessed it – handmade animal totems, jewellery, art, etc. They’re all so lovely, quirky and unique, not to mention incredibly thoughtful gifts. I’m quite fond of the hippo above, but all of the items in the shop are great.

I’m realising now that I’m quite heavy on the animal content, but ah well. Who doesn’t love animals? There are tons of other great Etsy shops out there and it’s easy to fall into a black hole of surfing the site without even getting to half of it. What are some of your favourites? What am I missing out on?

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