Holiday Cheer, Courtesy Of Sarah McLachlan

When Sarah McLachlan comes to mind, what do you see? The sad eyes of a puppy in danger, maybe? It’s hard to look past that ad for the SPCA. And you know what? That should give you an indication of how powerful she is, not only as an artist, but as a charitable human being. Sarah has taken some time out of her animal-saving, hit song-creating schedule to open a music school for students who are looking for a nurturing environment to improve their craft.

Sarah recalls her time in school and how music and other art programs were a much bigger presence than they are today. “When I was growing up, we had music in our schools. It was a given. These days many of these programs are not available. I don’t know what I would have done without music in my life when I was growing up. I was unpopular and picked on, but for me, music was my refuge and solace – the one thing I knew I was good at; it fed me and kept me going.”

Just in time for the holidays, Sarah has teamed up with some of her students on this new Christmas hit, “Find Your Voice.” Even better than the beautiful melody, is the fact that 100% of the song’s sales will go to Sarah’s School of Music. Add a new song to your Xmas playlist and give the gift of music education. WIN, WIN.

Enjoy the music video below and then get it on iTunes here. Happy Holidays!

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