Holding Holiday Memories Near & Dear

Merry Christmas, gigglers! And Happy Hanukkah too!

I am currently curled up under my Christmas tree, sipping my peppermint mocha coffee, eating my boozy baked french toast and bacon and sifting through the stack of books my family gifted me with this year.

At least that’s my plan. Obviously right this second I’m typing on my computer, doing none of the aforementioned things, but I felt it was important to set the scene with something appropriately festive.

I’m also being snuggled by a cat and fending off the advances of well-meaning family who are trying to force feed me more Christmas cookies.

This time of year, my diet pretty much consists of Christmas cookies and coffee.

I’m not complaining.

Oddly enough, it’s days like this that make me think back on all the things that I’ve been grateful for this year.

You’d think I would have had this thought on Thanksgiving, right? No, I like to think about it on Christmas when I’ve been surrounded by my family for just enough time to long for the solitude of my apartment three states away.

This year, what comes back to me over and over again, is how awesome the nerviness of the Internet has been to me this year.

You geeks are great. Even if you don’t consider yourself a geek, if you’re reading this website you are probably the friendly kind of person I want to befriend. We’d have that “THIS IS WHY WE’RE FRIENDS” moment over something whether it was cookies, an awesome book or The Hobbit trailer that premiered last week.

(It was awesome. GO WATCH IT NOW.)

The Internet, and by extension all the wonderful people I’ve met through it, has been a crazy awesome place to be this year, and that’s not even including the insane viral Internet moments that have happened.

I have geeked out to Star Wars with complete strangers on Twitter. A lot of them aren’t really strangers anymore, but I chat with someone new every time I have a marathon and can’t resist live-tweeting it as I watch.

I’ve gotten asked for book recommendations from virtual strangers through tumblr simply because they think the stuff I post aligns with their likes so we must have similar tastes. (I think it’s a big compliment to be asked for recommendations.)

I even got the dream email this year:

“Dear Rachael, you can write, love books and seem reliable. Want to review some books for my website?”

SOMEONE WANTS ME TO READ STUFF FOR THEM. And sometimes, that “stuff” has to do with Star Wars.

My moments of geek out have been many and frequent this year instead of few and far between. Even when other things haven’t gone that great – I doubt I need to wax philosophically on the pitfalls and perils of being unemployed in this economy to anyone – I’ve always had something to smile about.

I hope next year brings more mutual moments of excitement over things like Ender’s Game (there’s a movie coming, you know), The Hobbit (*squee* x 3) and that I get to go to SDCC.

Next year, I’ll be curled under a different tree, probably still guzzling coffee and fending off the cookie plate as it is waved in my direction by the increasingly adorable progeny my siblings produce, and I’m already looking forward to creating the geektastic memories I’m sure I’ll be remembering a year from now.

Make some memories this holiday season, gigglers!

I’m reinstating my holiday viewing of Star Wars this Christmas. Dad even unearthed our VHS versions for my viewing pleasure. And when I say “unearthed” I mean “dug out of the attic” because these aren’t even normal movies we bought in the store, kids! These are the awesome home video-tapped right from the TV, complete with 80s commercials, VHS tapes. All that stands between my earliest geek memories and me is figuring out how to play matchmaker between his decade-old VCR to his flatscreen.

Photo is my own.