Hit the Couch or Clean the House?: 8 Ways to Spend Your Next Snow DayDiana Denza

When I was a kid, Snow Day topped my list of favorite movies ever. I longed to raise my brand new Sailor Moon doll as high as my little arm could go and charge at the workers plowing the layers of flakes that had enabled a glorious snow day.

In reality, I just huffed and puffed at the neighbors with their shovels – which didn’t work. Eventually, I’d trek back up the front stairs and ask for a steaming cup of hot coca. Then, I’d promptly proceed to live vicariously through Natalie Brandston…again.

Though I’ve long since stopped watching Snow Day every other afternoon, I’m still craving that perfect weather induced day off (no, frying brain cells with countless hours of reality television isn’t my idea of time well-spent).

Living alone in my own apartment, I don’t have doting parents to make chicken soup and drive me up a wall for hours on end (they mean well, really). So, I did a bit of brainstorming and came up with 8 cool ideas for gals out there who intend to beat the chill at home.

1. Watch a season of that show you’ve been meaning to catch up with but never have the time to do. This is the time! Go ahead and pop those DVDs in! If you don’t have ‘em on hand, head over to Netflix or iTunes. Prepare for your big day in by purchasing a heated blanket before the snow falls. No, nothing screams ‘granny’ more, but they are so warm. There’s nothing worse than feeling chilly as you’re staring out your window into a grey and white abyss. This will keep you totally toasty –and it’s not like you’re plastering photos of yourself on Facebook for the world to see!

2. Hit the ‘Tube. Don’t want to commit to hours of television? I have two words for you: Jenna Marbles. This YouTube sensation is gut-busting, so if you want an afternoon pick-me-up, skip the energy drink and tune in to this funny chick.

3. Start cooking. You can check out Real Simple for a few easy, breezy recipes and learn how to properly feed yourself. Be sure to head to the market a few days before a storm hits. You might also want to stock your pantry with an excess of hot cocoa, tea bags, and cans of soup. Okay, throw those Reese’s Cups in there, too!

4. Call it a cleaning day. Why wait ‘til a balmy spring afternoon to get some dirty work done? I just moved in October, and already my place holds a host of clothes and goodies I don’t need. Do a whole lot of good by donating your bags of stuff to charity –you might just make someone’s season brighter!

5. Catch up on your reading. You know the rush you get when you walk into your local bookstore and buy the new book you’ve been dying to devour? And how bad you feel as it sits on the nightstand gathering dust? Make your conscience happy and lounge in bed feeding your brain. Yum!

6. Look for a new job or volunteer opportunity. I’m sure at least some of you made a New Year’s resolution to make more money or make a change. Now’s the time to get the ball rolling and send out that resume! As a start, you might want to check out Career Builderor Serve, a government website that lists volunteer opps.

7. Get crafty! Start a blog, finish that scrapbook, draw a comic strip –anything you’ve been longing to try out but had to place on the sidelines.

8. Treat yourself to an online shopping trip. Scour the web for some amazing deals. After all, you’ve got hours to do it! Retail Me Not will help you on your saving spree.

Dish it: How do you spend your snow days?

Image via Allmoviephoto.com.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002104788202 Tiffany Harris

    I LOVE curling up on the couch with a good book (and several blankets) on a snow day. I usually read something thrilling and exciting to kind of ‘transport’ myself off the couch. Even thought it didn’t snow this past weekend, it was pretty cold and I curled up with ‘Operation Downfall’ by Daniel McNeet (http://www.danielmcneet.com). I loved it – it’s a great read for anyone that likes political novels, for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/candicemacneale Candice MacNeale Lazecky

    There are no snow days in Ottawa! We have tons of snow, but we have to suck it up:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/angie.r000 Angie Rowell

    I have been doing them all this pass week in WI!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/sparklefade89 Diana Eagle Eyes Denza

      unfortunately, we haven’t had enough snow to do that here in NY…but it’s SOOOO cold! I wish I could snuggle up in bed with a book and a cup of tea.

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