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So, this past weekend I went to the Williamsburg flea market. There were SOOO many people, and I realized that a lot of them had the same style and it’s a lot different than what I’m used to at school. They were more like the people in that show Portlandiathat I watch.

You know where I was, right? I was in the land of hipsters. And I noticed something: There were the hipsters, and then there was everyone else. Now you may know the differences, but remember, I’m 11.  So this is what I have figured out so far about hipsters.


  1. Rejects American Apparel and Urban Outfitters for political reasons.
  2. Walks with an “I got s000 mUcH SwAGGAAaaaa” strut.
  3. Wears baseball caps. Backwards. Srsly.
  4. Annoyed by anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone.
  5. Will not step inside second-hand shops, flea markets or wear hand-me downs.
  6. Claims to be “from the cool part of Brooklyn”.
  7. Can be overheard discussing whether to “join” Tumblr or not.
  8. Uses their Outside voice Indoors.
  9. Has never heard of any bands you have.
  10. Thinks that being a dreamer is lame.


  1. Enjoys wearing hoodies, flip flops and bright clothing.
  2. Takes their time when walking anywhere.
  3. Shops at flea markets and vintage stores.
  4. Rides bicycles with baskets and recycles.
  5. Knows where all the wifi hotspots are.
  6. Dresses like Jordan Catalano and those Mad Men.
  7. Understands what Coachella is.
  8. Watches TV on their computer.
  9. Discusses latest post of theirs on Tumblr, the most amount of times they’ve been re-blogged and what their next post is going to be.
  10. Plan on doing big things, one day.

I am not a hipster myself; I’m a tween. But being in Williamsburg on a sunny spring day was fun for me, checking out all these people that are so different and so the same. And that’s also part of the awesomeness of being a tween: at some point, when I grow up, I can choose to be anything I want to be.

Featured image by Natalie Dee

  • Julia Kubke

    I love you post, Ruby :)
    “when I grow up, I can choose to be anything I want to be!”…believe me, I turned 29 last month and I still don’t know who and what I want to be! So I wisch you good luck with that…hope you are more succsessful than me! 😉

  • Tracie La Huis

    Isn’t that Natalie Dee’s cartoon? YOU SHOULD GIVE HER CREDIT

    • Deborah Andrews

      Ummm, calm down, she’s only 11! Seriously.

    • Ruby Karp

      Sorry, didnt know it was her cartoon

    • Tracie La Huis

      Thanks for giving her credit Ruby. To the other person it doesn’t matter what her age is. The people running this blog should check on things like this because it is not her intellectual property. Luckily Natalie Dee is very cool. Next time she may not be so lucky and get sued. I was just pointing out that she should give her credit.

  • Deborah Andrews

    Ruby, if I get to NYC, my daughter would love to hang out with you (she’s 7 and into The Strokes, superheroes, Zeke and Luther, and tribal print sundresses!) Lol

  • Duane Hansen Fernandez


  • Aimee Dahlin

    that was great!

  • Gianna Caprio

    if you are interested in hipster culture this TED talk is probably the best deconstruction and explanation of hipsters that i have heard so far if you can get past how irritating his voice is.

  • Samantha Anastasiou

    I LOVE THIS! So true! and I own a vintage shop! you’re def right about the not-a-hipsters not shopping vintage. but, I am old, so I would start my own list of Old Skool Hipsters! because some of your list i can relate too, and some, well, I’m just Old. LOL.

  • Kimberly Hightower

    Wow I just realized I’m a hipster … With a love for steampunk…huh…. Anyways thanks for the article!

  • Abby Lindsey

    1.Enjoys wearing hoodies, flip flops and bright clothing.
    That’s so true of me! The rest are actually too, so I suppose I’m a natural hipster. Awesome.
    You rock, Ruby! My son (he’s 9) and I totally love you!

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