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This hilarious hip hop "Harry Potter" hashtag is truly magical

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Sometimes you wake up and the internet has given you a truly wonderful gift. Today, that gift was the #HipHopHarryPotter viral hashtag that people everywhere are participating in.

The late night comedy show, @midnight, encouraged people to use this hilarious hashtag.

And the creativity and responses from the people participating are nothing short of magic. While this show has had some great hashtag gems in the past, we are in love with the idea of combining Harry Potter with hip hop.

In fact, we wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. After all, we did learn Daniel Radcliffe has some sick rapping skills a few years ago.

Time Tuner timelines aside, we’re just glad this hashtag is happening now. Because these tweets are actual comedy gold.

People came up with fun wordplay to classic hits with newer hip hop songs alike.

Sometimes, they just had fun with changing up hip hop group names to make them more wizardly.

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