High Res: Making (and Keeping) Powerful Resolutions!

So, Resolution Revolution hit a little too close to home, huh? Your New Year’s resolutions have yet again lost any chance at manifesting themselves in reality. Those five pounds, that new language, that growing savings account? Sounds more like Cronuts, no habla espanol, and “help me, I’m poor” to me. But don’t lose hope! Maybe your resolutions just need some revamping!


“Be skinny” is not only a useless resolution, it also doesn’t make sense. There are so many questions left to ask! How skinny? Like thin skinny or like lose weight but still be seen when turning sideways skinny? Or reduced BMI? Or lowered bodyfat? Or do you really mean just stop eating all those peanut butter cups for dinner? It’s opened ended and unspecific which is like Doomsday in Resolutionland. Sit down with yourself and figure out what you want. This year I set the goal of doing crow pose for 10 seconds, something which I can’t do now for even 1 second. With that goal will inherently come a level of fitness and dedication to a frequent yoga practice (secret hidden resolutions!), both of which are key building blocks to my ultimate end game. 365 days is quite a bit of time to let that resolution slip through the free flowing namaste though, so it’s super key to…

Regardless of your resolutions, having them float around for 365 days won’t make them easy to achieve. Putting a deadline, or lifeline depending on how you look at things, on your plans helps to create a calendar that makes sense. Short term goals are always easier to comprehend than long ones because, let’s face it, the future can be far away. As is the nature of a New Year’s resolution, chances are you want to have whatever it is your resolving to do completed within the year. Specify a month or, if you’re able, a day of the month that you want to smell the sweet aroma of success. “I want to learn French,” is a far less promising New Year’s resolution than “I will complete level 1 of my French Rosetta Stone by March 1st.” With a clear date in mind, you can work backwards to figure out how to create a schedule to keep you on track. Which is why it’s beneficial to…
Not all resolutions are habit forming, but most that involve self-improvement or lifestyle changes tend to require some new daily routine. Once you’ve set a finish line you can figure out how much of a dedication you’ll need to get that W. Losing five pounds, dropping a size, or eating healthier are resolutions with good intentions. Unless you’re committed, they’re unlikely to happen fast or sometimes happen at all. Frustration kicks in and then the binge eating liege waffles for breakfast and then the binge watching of all things Netflix and then all of a sudden you say to yourself, go for a walk? What’s walking? I love sitting in my old ways. Of course it’s not a guarantee, but a deadline always causes me to pump up the jams and pump up my motivation. When it comes to dropping a few LBs, it might be more beneficial to make a resolution that sounds more like “I go to the gym for 60 minutes three times a week,” and then the results will naturally follow. Practicing your foreign language every morning, reading one chapter of a book before bed, flossing everyday…Things are always a little easier when you have already carved out time to do them. Writing your resolutions down and posting them in a place you’ll see daily also helps…think PostIts on the bathroom mirror! Getting into a routine and being reminded daily helps you make sure you’re waking up or leaving work at the right time and with reason and also helps you quit making excuses. Ahem…

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