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Hey, I Just Met You and This is Crazy

… but Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen is an amazing song. A-maz-ing. I’m not glorifying its musical merits, however, though I personally think that this is the Bazooka of bubblegum pop. I’m speaking about how much this song has unified us in the wake of all of our differences. Carly Rae blew a big fat pink bubble and popped it in our faces. Some people don’t find it funny, others embrace the sticky sweetness and laugh before wiping it off. If you’re Justin Bieber, you tweet about it. Also, if you’re Justin Bieber or anyone else in the country, you make a YouTube video celebrating its pop perfection.

I can’t think of any other song in recent years that has resulted in so many covers/videos/gatherings from such a diverse group of people. From the hilariously serious Harvard baseball team’s masculine moves to the US military’s camouflaged choreography to Justin Bieber’s banana-telephoned kitchen party, we have living proof that there is no other song today that provokes millions of ordinary citizens dancing around in their cars and backyards the way that this song has. We can all relate to that feeling of either doing something crazy, having a crush, feeling hopeless or making a move. And a handful of us can even relate to the whole “finding out he’s gay at the end of the music video” metaphor, but that’s another post for another time.

As an aspiring wordsmith of sorts, does it bother me that Carly missed him so bad BEFOREhe came into her life? Absolutely. But I’ll let that go, Miss Jepsen. I’ll take that one for the team. Pop your bubble in my face, Carly-Q, and I will dismiss the fact that a little pink wad got stuck in my hair.

To the haters: No need to throw your bubblegum on the sidewalk. Maybe it’s not your flavor, but don’t be a party pooper! It’s okay to laugh it off… But, if you can’t stand the song, if you’d rather hear Gotye and Kimbra confront each other in a dumb radio edit with an extra chorus before singing along to CMM, at least admit how cool it is that CMM brings everyone together in such a magical, unusual, bizarre way.

Sure, Carly Rae Jepsen could have been any ordinary girl who has great bangs (to die for* bangs) and can carry a tune just far enough to safety over the abyss of infinite auto tune… but that’s exactly the point. It could have been anyone, and maybe that’s why everyone wants to be a part of it.


Some of my favorite renditions of Call Me Maybe:

Harvard Baseball

US Military 

Jimmy Fallon + The Roots 

Cookie Monster/Sesame Street

Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez + crew

Katy Perry + friends

President Barack Obama

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  • Jill Burrows Jones
    • Natalie Angiuli

      Jill, this one is awesome!! I actually wrote this blog before this version even came out, so I’m glad it’s still happening! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Barb Best

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  • Britt Bulens

    That whole “before you came into my life I missed you SO BAD” has been bothersome to me since the very first time I heard it! So glad you mentioned that. But like you said, totally let it go. Such a fun song! :O) Girl has to die for bangs!

    • Natalie Angiuli

      Oh my gosh, I know! As a die-hard grammar lover, it was troublesome for me. But I let it go and enjoyed the rest of the party! :) Her bangs are so great.

  • Florencia F Belluomini

    The Bazooka of bubblegum pop. Yes. Thank you.

    • Natalie Angiuli


  • Annie Paul

    The U.S. Olympic Swim Team’s is adorable (*especially* 1:00, but that may just be me). And I, too, have a hair/bang crush on Carly and of course Zooey. Now back to the song: I remember the first 20+ times I heard it I could NOT stand it; then it became tolerable, and now finally that’s in longer a summer anthem b/c summer’s almost over, I’m starting to actually like it.. Hm, go figure.. : ) Great post!!

    • Natalie Angiuli

      I totally agree! I go back and forth on my feelings about the song- most of the time I think it’s just good fun! But sometimes, it’s just toooo overplayed. However, what I really enjoy is how everyone reacted to the song, more than the song itself! Thanks for reading, Annie! <3

  • Carina Brown

    So far, I’ve managed to never hear a split second of this song. Kind hoping to keep that way. Just sayin’, I don’t need any more earworms, thankyouverymuch XD

    • Natalie Angiuli

      Carina, HOW did you manage that?!? You must have superpowers- it’s everywhere!! Thanks for reading!

  • Rachel Gosselin

    Call Me Maybe is admittedly not something I would subject myself to on a daily basis, but a while ago I read a great blog post defending the song here:

    • Natalie Angiuli

      Everything in moderation, even Call Me Maybe! I like that post, esp. the part where he talks about the “say yes” improv rule. Thanks for sharing!

  • Emily Wagman

    This version’s my favorite because accents are the best.

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