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The "Blue Crush" cast looked PEAK 2000s at the movie premiere

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Blue Crush will forever be one of those early ’00s movies most near and dear to our hearts. It came at a time when we were all collectively obsessed with surfer style and surfer culture (basically, all things surfer) – a claim to which my middle school wardrobe can attest.

Not only did the movie tap into that secret desire all of us had to dominate terrifyingly huge waves (including the athletically disinclined, like yours truly) a la Blue Crush main character and our forever badass #WCW Anne Marie Chadwick (Kate Bosworth) – it also had a legitimately important theme of girl power and female friendship throughout.

Can you actually think of any other major early aughts movies where the climactic scene wasn’t whether the lead ended up with a love interest at the end? Sure, Anne Marie’s relationship with footballer love interest Matt (Matthew Davis) was a plot in the movie but without a doubt the most important plot was whether Anne Marie would regain confidence in her surfing and triumph during the Pipeline Masters.

Let’s take a look back at the Blue Crush cast, then and now.

Kate Bosworth – Anne Marie Chadwick

Kate Bosworth
SGranitz/WireImage/Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Kim Crawford Wines

I can’t get enough of Kate Bosworth’s sea-inspired, *extremely* early ’00s look at the Blue Crush Los Angeles premiere pic on the left here. She’s radiant and glowing, and guess what? Nothing has changed since then – she’s just as stunning now as she was way back in ’02.

The actress-model caught her first big breaks appearing in The Horse WhispererRemember the Titans and Blue Crush and was the face of Calvin Klein Jeans in 2008. Recently, she appeared in the award-winning Still Alice alongside Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart, and she also starred in the horror movie Before I Wake with Jacob Tremblay and Thomas Jane that came out in September.

Michelle Rodriguez – Eden

Michelle Rodriguez
Jon Kopaloff/WireImage/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

These side-by-side pics prove that Michelle Rodriguez was always in enviable shape – and that she always knew how to rock an elegant dress. On the left, she’s at the 2002 Blue Crush premiere while on the right she’s at the 2016 Academy Awards, looking like a stunner as per usual.

Rodriguez has been consistently successful in Hollywood since her breakout role in 2000’s Girlfight and her role as Eden in Blue Crush. Most prominently, she had a major role in 2009’s Avatar (aka, the highest-grossing movie EVER), and she’s also had a recurring major role in several of the movies in the mega-successful Fast & Furious series (most recently, Furious 7). She’s also set to star in the next movie in that franchise, Fast 8due to release in 2017.

Sanoe Lake – Lena

Sanoe Lake
Jon Kopaloff/WireImage/Charley Gallay/WireImage

Sanoe Lake’s look – blonde-highlighted ‘do, hoop earrings, and halter top – at the Blue Crush premiere in the left pic is so very 2000s. She’s switched up her look quite a bit in the years since, appearing at a Billabong event in 2009. That was one of her last major public appearances. Lake, who played Lena in the movie, is on a break from acting since her role in the 2009 horror movie Creature of Darkness.

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