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Social media has brought on a wave of new ways to entertain yourself. I’m pretty on board with most social media trends. I have a Twitter and a Facebook that I use religiously, a Myspace account collecting dust somewhere and I have a Google +, even though I still have no idea what I need it for. I also work for Strategic Revolution, a marketing company that relies heavily on social media. I understand social media and I love what we, as a culture, can do with it.

However, there are certain trends I can’t get on board with. Planking. That’s just laying down, really. I feel like I’ve been doing that for years. Who made that a thing? I Googled it just to understand why planking has popped up into our lives. Apparently, planking started as a game. I don’t know what perplexes me more. The fact that some guy thought laying on your face is a game worthy experience or that other people saw that happening and thought…yeah, let’s do this. There are people all over the web bragging of “record length” planking times of over thirty three minutes or a little higher. I do it eight hours a night, I win. Laying on your face for thirty three minutes is not a game, that’s a cat nap. This ridiculous phase has not only brought on deaths and injuries but also spin offs. From planking, we now also have, owling, pillaring, cone-ing, tea-potting, balling and toothpicking. You pose like an owl, a pillar, a tea-pot and/or stand on your head to pose as a tooth pick.

I’m concerned. As much as I love social media, I am also very adamant about making sure that social media doesn’t become all consuming in my life. If I lose my phone or my computer for a day or two, I won’t have a panic attack. Entertainment isn’t always electronic, keeping in touch can be done without a ‘send’ button and, as convenient as it is, books you can flip through are better than ebooks. Also, as a creative individual, I believe that imagination is just as important as knowledge. Imagination lets you create and challenge yourself in ways that are extremely important. Having said that, if planking or owling is where we go for things to do, stay on Facebook, kids. If your “outdoors time” is laying on the edge of a seven story building, I feel like your time is better suited indoors.

With the ability to show the world your talents instantly with the click of a button, make it something better than laying on your face. Do some good in the world, find a hobby, stumble onto something beautiful and showcase that.

Pillaring. Also known as standing.

Look at that dog’s face. Even the dog, who spends ninety percent of his time on the ground, thinks that chick face down on the ground is a bad idea.

Plankers, this is your people. Maybe this should be more of a standards talk.

by Ashlie Power

Images 1,2,3, and 4 via StrategicRevolution feature image via bestplanking.

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