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Help Child Farmworkers

Have you ever wondered where your produce comes from? Have you ever thought about the farmworker involved?

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of children work in agriculture. These children work 10 or more hours each day, are frequently exposed to harmful pesticides and they get injured often. Children working on farms die more than four times as often as other working children.

Agriculture is the most dangerous job for a child in the United States. Our child labor laws allow child farmworkers to work longer hours, at younger ages and under more hazardous conditions than other working children. Many child farmworkers start working when they turn eleven and some start work as young as seven.

With their long work hours, many child farmworkers drop-out of school. Government statistics show that one-third of these children never finish high school. In addition, they are often payed less than minimum wage.

The Children’s Act for Responsible Employment (CARE Act) would update US law to ensure that all working children are protected equally. Please ask your Congressional Representative to support this important bill.

Ask your congress person to support the CARE Act: sign this.

To learn more visit Human Rights Watch.

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