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We are proud to introduce Nigel & Prudence

of The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

We will be broadcasting live all day to show you just what it is like to care for rabbits. Unfortunately this time of year a lot of people abandon bunnies and rabbits that were given as Easter gifts. The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation works very hard to find loving and proper homes for all of their fosters. 


The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundations mission is to help abandoned domestic rabbits by promoting spay and neuter, providing education on their care, volunteering in shelters and humane societies, and by fostering and rehabilitating rescued rabbits until such time as suitable permanent homes can be found.

Check them out on Facebook HERE

If you are interested in volunteering here please fill out an application HERE

Take a look through their website to see rabbits that were bought for Easter and later abandoned HERE


  • Are you prepared for a commitment of 10+ years to the bunny?  What will you do if you move, get married or have children – or if your children lose interest?
  • Do you have animals that could endanger the rabbit (many dogs were bred to capture small animals, and rabbits have been known to die of fright without being physically attacked)? Will you be available to supervise your children when they’re around the rabbit?  Rabbits are delicate and easily  injured.
  • Rabbits are not low maintenance pets: preparing veggies, cleaning the litterbox, providing the attention your pet craves (and needs) all require time and a daily commitment.  Which adult in the family will be the primary caregiver?
  • Does everyone in your family want a rabbit? Does anyone have allergies or asthma? Hay is a necessary part of a rabbit’s diet.
  • Can you afford the care of a bunny?  Rabbits cost $50-100/month and up. Veterinarians consider them ‘exotics’, so vet care tends to be expensive.
  • Do you have the room?  You’ll need to have space for a pen, or a room that can be sectioned off for the bunny to live in, but still have the rabbit involved in the home’s daily activities.

Looking for a new home for your rabbit? Click here

Please spay or neuter your pet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.lam.yw Rachel Lam

    BUNNIESSSS! 😀 😀 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002583123521 Abderrahim Lakhnati

    to post a comment

    • Anonymous

      I called the bunny reusce lady this morning and shes going to keep her eyes open for another neutered male bunny who needs a new home..Sadly many people get bunnies for their little children at Easter without knowing much about bunnies. Bunnies are strong willed usually dont like to be picked up and will often scratch when picked up.

    • Anonymous

      So true! It really piesss me off when idiots buy pets brainlessly and with the same idiotic thoughtlessness abandon the poor thing, thinking they are doing the? poor animal a favour. Morons they are, they should get a taste of their own medicine those fools.If you can’t commit, then for crying out loud don’t get a pet lah. What’s wrong with people nowadays? No decency!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1293094714 Rachel Nunimaker

    Thanks for the article!!! I <3 my bunny! Many ppl though dont realize how much work they are,or how much they poop!lol! Also the fact that not all bunnies really like ppl. I've had my bunny for 7 years so far and he hated me at first. He loved hanging out with my cats mainly and would tolerate my hubby, but he would actually growl and box me when I fed him! And I was the one to take care of him all the time!lol He's tolerable of me now, after yeeeaaaars, but he's still more of an animal bunny. He just prefers other animals, which is fine, he's still fun to watch! He, like many bunnies, get destrutive when he's bored. So we always have toys on hand for him, otherwise he will chew on everything like a goat!lol Great pet for someone who knows how to properly care for them. Seriously though, them amount of poop will astound ppl!!!! Thanks again!!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/stacy.coleman1 Stacy Coleman

    Thanks for this article! My sweet boy lived 14 years and he moved all over the country with me. These special animals are a lot of work, but when you are dedicated to them, it is all worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=579238514 Jennifer Leigh Rork Thompson

    Thank you for this! I have two rabbits and just signed up with my local humane society to be a rabbit foster home. They are such great pets for certain people. I also recommend bunspace.com for anyone who has a rabbit and maybe needs some support or who just want to talk about their bunnies to people who get excited about bunnies.

  • Anonymous

    I found your pumpkin while lknioog for templates for our pumpkin carving tonight. I collect bunny things and I hope you don’t mind us using your idea for one of our pumpkin’s tonight. It looks awesome!! I hope ours will turn out just as neat. Thanks for sharing the picture with the web!

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