HelloGiggles Ladies Dominate Best Tweets of 2012 List

The Huffington Post just put out a list of the 101 best tweets from women in 2012, and guess who is on the list? HelloGiggles’ very own Sophia Rossi (@sofifii), Zooey Deschanel (@ZooeyDeschanel) AND Molly McAleer (@molls). Plus, so many other HelloGiggles’ contributors and friends!

This past April I went to a HelloGiggles presents show at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in Los Angeles. That night I was introduced to, and fell in love with, HelloGiggles. I started following them on Twitter right away, and after submitting a few articles for consideration, I was accepted as a contributor!

After meeting Molly and Sophia and looking through the list of HelloGiggles contributors, I knew I was in good company. The Huffington Post knows it, too. And so does the Twitterverse. From TV’s @mindykaling to film’s @maudeapatow to stage’s @katespencer, just to name a few, I am always excited to read when I see these names attached to a new post. @erinmallorylong always makes me smile when I read how five things about everything have ruined her life and I always love a good TV playlist from @ShinyUnicorn. And when they’re not posting on HelloGiggles, I can get my daily fix on my Twitter feed, since I follow all of these funny ladies.

Friends of the Giggles fam are also on the list, including actresses @lenadunham and @RebelWilson. @ChelseaVPeretti, @lesleyarfin, @Molly_Kats, @SarahThyre, @kdn13, @margaretcho, @JennyJohnsonHi5, @annabeloakes and contributors @meganamram, @capricecrane and @morgan_murphy, have already had their tweets featured on the site, proving that HelloGiggles is way ahead of the Huffington Post on this one! @shelbyfero has shared her voice with HelloGiggles readers in song and in speech, and @ShabtaiN has been sharing everything she’s learning from her grandma. You know you’re in for a “Night of Giggles” when @JenKirkman is hosting, and we decided long ago that Retta is @unfoRETTAble.

Other ladies that made the list who have been making HelloGigglers LOL: @jennyandteets, @NikkiGlaser, @SarahKSilverman, @WhitneyCummings, @caitlinmoran, @TheJamieLee, @Busyphilipps25, @Carrie_Rachel, @cherrycheva, @MollyRingwald, @rachelantonoff, @diablocody, @MelissaStetten, @TheEllenShow.

So I guess Sophia, Zooey and Molly had the right idea when they were naming the website. This list of tweets from some of our favorite ladies definitely made me giggle. So many of them are young talents with bright futures ahead of them, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of their fingertips next! If you’re not already following them, click on the blue birdy or the lowercase t and start today! And while you’re at it, follow me too please. I’d like to get on this list someday!

Image via Tumblr

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