HelloGiggles Exclusive: Watch the Premiere Episode of ‘The New Girl' NOW!Rivka Rossi

Do you guys like happiness? Do you like watching TV? Well, here is the first episode of many from one of our new favorite TV shows Fox’s The New Girl, starring our very own co-founder Zooey Deschanel.

We are very grateful to be able to show you this episode before it premiers Tuesday September 20th.
Look for tons of more giggles from The New Girl and our weekly episode recap by our very own editor Jennifer Still!


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  2. I watched it but my DVR cut off the end so I just found it on CityTV’s website (since Hulu doesn’t work in Canada). http://video.citytv.com/video/detail/1170608159001.000000/pilot/

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  4. Can’t watch this in the Mid East either… bummed!

  5. Seriously laughed OUT LOUD watching this! LOVE!

  6. I’ve already watched this four times and I can’t get enough of it. It’s like looking into an older version of myself mirror. Best new show ever!

  7. I watched the pilot on my PS3. It shows a lot of promise and I loved the Smeagol joke. My newspaper’s TV columnist said it was TV’s best new series. http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/tv/129922013.html

  8. Such a cute show!!! Hope it goes for more than 1 season!!

  9. Thanks so much for that! Was beyond funny!

  10. Can’t watch because I’m in Brazil =(
    The video only works in USA.
    Hopefully I’ll find out to download.

  11. knocking over the plant! Precious! Looks like an endearing show!

  12. Boooo, only available in the States. :(

  13. I really liked it! From the lighting to the writing, it’s fun and bright! It put me in a good mood.

  14. oh yeah, this pilot episode is still available for free on itunes! fantastic!!

  15. way cool, super funny show! looking forward to watching it again on air, thanks!! ;-)

  16. ending scene won my heart over! i can’t wait for more theme songs, and for GOL moments!!!

  17. thankyou so much @Itzel Martínez Félix for the international link!! The show is hilarious, I am so in love with Zooey! and those boys! haha it’s the best!

  18. Oh my goodness….she must be a aspie..lol

  19. As I’m in the UK I have to wait till November… BUT I am extremely excited and will be reading Hello Giggles with my goggles on so that I don’t accidently read any spoilers.

  20. LOVE IT!