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Welcome to the HelloGiggles Rabbit Cam!

We are proud to introduce Nigel & Prudence of The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

We will be broadcasting live all day to show you just what it is like to care for rabbits. Unfortunately, this time of year, a lot of people abandon bunnies and rabbits that were given as Easter gifts.

Nigel & Prudence were lucky enough to be rescued by  The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation where they will live until they are adopted.

You will notice a little house in the middle of the play area today too.

Nigel & Prudence were given the gift of a Cottontail Cottage yesterday by the creator/inventor Amy Spintman.

Their cottage has 3 levels (the floors for the two upper levels are made with double-wall cardboard for extra strength) with ramps between levels for easy jumping access and is made of chew-safe cardboard and printed with soy-based ink!

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Check out the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation on Facebook HERE

If you are interested in volunteering here please fill out an application HERE

Take a look through their website to see rabbits that were bought for Easter and later abandoned HERE

 The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation works very hard to find loving and proper homes for all of their fosters. 


  • Are you prepared for a commitment of 10+ years to the bunny?  What will you do if you move, get married or have children – or if your children lose interest?
  • Do you have animals that could endanger the rabbit (many dogs were bred to capture small animals, and rabbits have been known to die of fright without being physically attacked)? Will you be available to supervise your children when they’re around the rabbit?  Rabbits are delicate and easily  injured.
  • Rabbits are not low maintenance pets: preparing veggies, cleaning the litterbox, providing the attention your pet craves (and needs) all require time and a daily commitment.  Which adult in the family will be the primary caregiver?
  • Does everyone in your family want a rabbit? Does anyone have allergies or asthma? Hay is a necessary part of a rabbit’s diet.
  • Can you afford the care of a bunny?  Rabbits cost $50-100/month and up. Veterinarians consider them ‘exotics’, so vet care tends to be expensive.
  • Do you have the room?  You’ll need to have space for a pen, or a room that can be sectioned off for the bunny to live in, but still have the rabbit involved in the home’s daily activities.

Looking for a new home for your rabbit? Click here

The Los Angeles Rabbit Foundations mission is to help abandoned domestic rabbits by promoting spay and neuter, providing education on their care, volunteering in shelters and humane societies, and by fostering and rehabilitating rescued rabbits until such time as suitable permanent homes can be found.

Please spay or neuter your pets!

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  • Kristina Prestwood

    All I ever see is a black screen! Am I doing something wrong???

  • Caroline Rohwedder


  • Caroline Rohwedder

    to post a comment

  • Sarah Asif

    Bye-bye bunny cam! I wish Nigel and Prudence the best, but I’ve got three little ones on my own now that I can swoon over. @Alli Tucker: A good way to prevent lonely bunnies is to NEVER,EVER keep them alone. I’m sure you treated your bunnies well and they were feeling your love- but you are no bunny. Also, my veterinarian explained to me that bunnies are actually more ‘high maintenance’ than cats or dogs. It’s also important that they get enough herbs and especially hay, since that’s their main food source. I’ve been reading so much about them, I’m almost bursting :)

  • Megan Rae Banias

    This is too cute. Waking up and turning on Bunny Cam while getting ready for work is pretty much the cutest way to start a day!

  • Alli Tucker

    This is a wonderful cause! I have had to wonderful bunny pets in my life, I think a lot of people get rodents expecting they will be a lot like sea monkeys where as they are self sufficient and dont need love. I got my first bunny when I was very young and showered it with love. I would let it romp around it what used to be a Barbie house. As time passed I did notice she slowed down but the more I handled her the more loving she was, she would sit in my lap. One thing I learned from my second bunny was the importance of handling and being good about cleaning the cage. I went away to school and my bunny was nearly neglected and ended up getting a blood disease from poor cage conditions that went in her blood stream. She still lived a long life, and once I realized the neglect I took her up to school with me. I really wish people understood how crucial it is for these little guys to get love from us daily and to romp around outside of the confines of their cage (if you leave the cage door accessible they will hop back in). Fresh fruits and veggies are a necessity and though they are easy pets they need good treatment.

  • Kimberly Burns

    Thanks for doing this! But, please considering covering up those outlets. Could prevent BBQ’ d bunnies.

  • Patricia Scott

    Thank you so much for helping bring attention to Rabbit Rescue organizations! We need to overcome the stigma that bunnies are “disposable pets”. I have four rescued (and inside-only) rabbits myself. Some of my bunnies through the years have been horribly mistreated before they found their “forever home” with us. It takes work sometimes, but I have seen every one of my bunnies eventually overcome their trauma and fear, and little personalities blossom. If you have time and patience to spend with them, they can be wonderful pets for the right person. Please, people, help support rabbit rescue groups. Daniel, Popocatepetl, Timmi, and Jack (and all who came before them) thank you!

    • Bekaandthe GinHall Hustlers

      You rock!

  • Christina Boucher

    You don’t see the Huffington Post with a Bunny Cam.

  • Anna Whittemore

    Aww… cuties.

  • Akc Sunny

    I think you’ve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think

    about this the way you just did. Im really impressed that theres so much about this subject

    thats been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Really

    great stuff here.

  • Julie Bowen

    Thanks for promoting adopting rescued house rabbits. Too many people acquire rabbits at this time of year becasue they are “cute” and once they realise they are not prepared to care for these beautiful creatures, think “Rabbits……I’ve seen them in the woods, & fields. They are equipped to live off the land. I can turn it loose & it’ll be okay.” Bunny WILL NOT be okay, bunny will be some predators’ breakfast, lunch or dinner. You are sentencing it to an untimely & terrifying DEATH.

  • Anonymous

    How could Ib4ve missed this site!!? I LOVE it! Itb4s mlarevous!!! & this lil fellows are cutter the a bunch of kitties!!Keep up the good work here & take really good care & happy new year!

  • Pamela Ann Wyatt


  • Whitney Puetz

    as a person who has shown, raised, and adopted bunnies from shelters it is sad to see how many bunnies aren’t treated nicely or are abandoned because young children lose interest. bunnies aren’t for young children they are for older children that can take care and love them.

  • Ena Gutierrez

    I love this! You guys should stream puppies next! :-)

  • Dona Ghenof

    by the way dear guy. if you see this… oh you probably don’t, cause you need glasses.

  • Dona Ghenof

    haha did anyone catch the guy that appeared now (check this comment’s date, i don’t know what hour is in your country)? he’s funny and i’m pretty sure he doesn’t know we were watching him.

  • Vallen Sarnoff

    My bun has the same Cottontail Cottage! It is THE JAM and Mookie Poopers’ favorite thing on earth.

  • Gína Williamsdóttir

    Best thing ever.

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