Hello Giggles readers have some of the cutest pets in the world and we promise to keep sharing them with other Gigglers as long as you keep sending pictures in! Last week’s gallery featured Super Kitty and Stacey the Guinea Pig crawling through newspaper, but if it is possible, I think this weeks pets may be even cuter.

Keep tweeting and e-mailing us your cute pet pictures and you could be featured in a future gallery! In the meantime, tell us who your favorite pet of the week is in the comments below!


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  1. purrrrrrito!

  2. Buddy!

  3. O MY GAWD TAWNY!! That’s the cutest little ball of fluff ever! :)

  4. buddy for sure !

  5. Comet rocks! :-)

  6. Comet! For sure :)

  7. I wish you would put up my Samoyed doggies they are super cute!