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Heaven on Earth: A Trip To Dylan's Candy Bar

So, I recently went to Dylan’s Candy Bar. It was amazing. You have to go, although you need to have a sweet tooth because it’s seriously all about CANDY!!!! Here is why you MUST go if you ever get the chance.


There is more than just sugar at Dylan’s; there are also really cool shirts, sweats and more. If you ever decided to go, you can show people you went! It’s definitely an experience to remember.


What makes this experience so amazing is the store. There are giant bunnies, candy floors, giant cupcake seats and huge lollipop lights! It’s really cool.


Not only do they have cool new candy, but they also have all the old! So all you ’70s and ’80s kids, they have all the sugar your MOM used to L-O-V-E!


To all you fashion designer people, this is where to go. It’s SOOOOOO colorful. I was not once bored of the store. It was all eye candy! It’s awesome.


They also play the FUNNIEST music. It all has to do with candy. It’s kind of funny. They go from chitty chitty bang bang to some of the more recent music of today. So you can dance for joy while picking your candies.


They have a really cool new keep calm and love cupcakes! They have a Glee line! I mean, seriously. These special items are super cool and they customize so that it is related to candy somehow.


Their workers have humorous lines. On the giant bunny there was a sign that said “Please do not touch my coat” and after you paid they said “Have a sweet day!” I thought it was cute.


They may not have this in other stores, but if you come to the NYC store, they do! It is super cool. There are booths of cupcakes to sit in, plus you can make your own sundae, your own pizza and more! It’s so cool.


They also have super cool video game items. They have dolls of the guy from Cut the Rope, Angry Birds and Star Wars! It’s so cute. Especially the cute the rope guy! HE’S SO CUTE!!!!


How can I not mention their AMAZING candy?! They have every single candy I’ve ever even thought of! Dylan’s Candy Bar would not be Dylan’s Candy Bar without the candy!! This chick Dylan? I worship how smart she is with the candy; she could be my BFFL.

  • Joel Emmett

    It’s my daughter’s dream to visit DCB! Love your writing!!

    Also, head’s up: the image above isn’t “there.”

  • Kristen O’Connor

    Haha I was just there like 2 days ago!

  • Val Ieum

    She’s ACTUALLY the daughter of famous designer, Ralph Lauren (you know, like Polo.Etc?) FYI. The place is great, but it helped a lot that her dad already has a major hold on the fashion industry and tons of money. Funny how cool things happen when your parents are rich and famous…

  • Kevin Sterner

    I’m hooked.. Gotta go and see this place ..Take my nephew and his girlfriend.. and the 6 kids..Want to see the ol’ time candy they have… ask your mom about cereal…”quisp” and “King Vitamin” see is she remebers them…love you live show..need a new topic..CANDY… wada think.???

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