VideosHear Seth Rogen Testify Before the Senate About Alzheimer's ResearchHelloGiggles Team

He did it with his particular brand of humor. From Seth

“I spoke in front of the senate about my personal experience with Alzheimer’s and I made a weed joke too.”

  • Rick Almeida

    LMAOOO Glad im not the only one who noticed that cliffhanger….

  • Ruby Ana

    Wow, this really speaks to me on so many levels having lost my mother to this horrible disease and also being a part of the low income group of people having to deal with it. I would definitely support this charity!

  • Lisa Carratt

    Cliffhangers suck!!! What did he say?????

  • Lisa Marie Garver

    IM SORRY YOU HAD TO >>>>WHAT?! :/ lol…cliff hanger.

  • Melissa Gaggiano

    It is wonderful when a celebrity realises the power they have in helping to shape a better future. Well done Seth!

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