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Have you heard about Mree?

As you may have noticed from past playlists, I’m kind of obsessed with Bon Iver. This week I had a lot of work to get done so naturally I procrastinated like crazy and searched YouTube for Bon Iver covers and that’s how I came across Mree. She’s awesome, you guys.

Just watch this cover of Bon Iver’s Michicant!

Isn’t it beautiful?! You should listen to all of her covers here and subscribe to this Spotify playlist I made of her songs!


Mree – Lift Me Up
Mree – You Are (Feat. Jared Foldy)
Mree – Atmosphere
Mree – Against the Current
Mree – Monsters
Mree – Of the Trees
Mree – Daydreamer
Mree – Grow
Mree – Goodnight & Goodbye
Mree – On Your Own
Mree – Breathe Easy
Mree – Running From My Eyes (feat. Mree)

As always, please comment below or tweet me suggestions for future playlists!

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