Do we really need a holiday to celebrate comics? Yes, yes we do. Comic books are awesome.

Whether you started reading Spider-Man in your newspaper as a kid like I did, or you were a regular at the local comic shop like some of my friends, there’s something for everyone on the pages of a comic book.

Here are a few of the most classic and beloved comic book heroes that I know of – and a couple of newer comic titles that I am particularly obsessed with at the moment. Enjoy!

  • Natsu Dragneel

    This a holiday that I can celebrate all day. :)

    • Rachael Berkey

      Me too!

  • Shanna Hamilton

    Before Watchmen has been spectacular! Baltimore Comic Con this year was my first comic convention and I was really amazed how down to earth everyone was. Even Scott Snyder, the almighty himself. Really makes you appreciate the art form that much more, since musicians and actors I’ve met at concerts and other cons are rarely that sincere.

    • Rachael Berkey

      What I’ve been really pleased with since getting more involved in the comic community is how welcoming everyone is. I think that a lot of the negativity people talk about comes from people outside the community and is directed at people who act like they know a lot more than they do. I’ve met nothing but people who are happy to talk to me about comics and teach me stuff and answer my questions, and they’re always really nice.

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