Happy Birthday, Zooey! Love, Sophia

Happy Birthday to my true bestie love, Zooey.

For your birthday I think you should know a few things.

1. There is no one I would rather videochat for hours with. You make parallel playing so fun.
2. You give the best presents. I really think my poor future husband is going to be jealous of how good you are at this.
3. You are the kindest human in the world.
4. You make drinking excess amounts of coffee seem normal.
5. You secretly know lyrics to rap/pop songs. I’ve seen this happen. Remember when you busted out with Destiny Child lyrics? I do!!!. Oh, I do…
6. Best sleepover partner award? Yep, that goes to you.

Now, all these things are things about my love for you and what you mean to me, but the truth is that you mean so much to so many people. Molly and I are lucky to call you our best friend and business partner.

Image by Maritza Lugo