Happy Birthday, Tim Burton

On August 25th, 1958, a genius artist was born and today we encourage you to celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday, Tim Burton! Whether you bake a cake with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme or you throw a Batman viewing party, you really ought to know at least five reasons Tim Burton rules!!!

#5) Yes yes, Tim Burton is amazing, but have you taken the time to think about how amazing his girlfriend is? This one could almost be considered a bonus reason on why Tim Burton rules but let’s give it up for his all around awesome longterm partner, Helena Bonham Carter. When the two of them stand next to each other, they are just a powerfully cool looking couple.

#4) Tim Burton put his artistic direction and visually inspiring Beetlejuice-esque look and feel all over The Killers’ music video for their hit song called ‘Bones’. Take a step into the emo culture and accept it with a smile.

#3) Consider us the bait and Tim Burton the reel, Big Fish will have you hooked!! Just like most Burton films, this one has outlandish characters and scenarios that keep the story constantly entertaining and magical. Sure, there are giant mermaids who can talk, but there is also humans dealing with real life predicaments. This film never really hit mainstream but bring it into your home because it is a true art that mixes real life challenges with a fantastically fabulous formula for storytelling.

#2) Props to Tim Burton for creating a film that adults and teens can both find sentimental value in. More importantly, Edward Scissorhands is a sentimental fairytale that teens don’t have to be ashamed to watch with the family on a Friday night.  Edward Scissorhands is arguably one of the oddest love stories ever told but with all oddness aside, we adore and give a piece of our heart to the odd boy (the teenager who is traditionally considered an outcast). Painted in all white with fingers made of metal and very little dialogue, Johnny Depp won us over in the role of Edward. Tim Burton actually gave birth (through film) to Depp’s career and as we can see, Depp has become quite the muse for the unbelievable Burton.

#1) If it wasn’t for Tim Burton, we wouldn’t have the completely amazing, twisted, hilarious, macabre ghost story known as Beetlejuice. And let’s be real, without the story of Beetlejuice, we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of witnessing Winona Ryder play Lydia Deetz. Lydia was strange, stubborn and impressively unaffected by the typical things (such as ghosts in the attic) that would haunt a teenager. As dramatically morbid as Lydia appeared in style, she had a heart. After all, she told her teacher that it was against her religion to dissect a frog. Tim Burton gave us the masterpiece of Beetlejuice, giving mainstream movie watchers the opportunity to accept all things wacky (including Lydia).

For those that live in the Los Angeles area, be sure you head over to the LACMA to checkout the Tim Burton exhibit – he is a man of many visions and many talents and we fortunately have so much access to his constant creativity and entertainment!

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