BFFs of the Week

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Today is one of our co-founder and BFF’s birthday, Sophia Rossi!

I have known Sophia for maybe a year and a half and she’s changed my life so much. She’s one of the best friends to have a lot of fun with because she’s always down for almost anything, but she’s even better at having no fun at all. You can sit in bed with Sophia for hours and just watch movies and sleep and intermittently talk about the Kardashians or your simultaneous worship and concern for Beyonce and whatever else crosses your mind. She can out sleep you like nobody’s business. One of the first times we ever had a sleep over, I turned to her and I was all, “You are like a growing teenage boy. Wake up, Michael!”

So sometimes we call each other “Michael.” And if we text each other saying, “I’m being such a Michael today,” we both know exactly what that means.

When I think about Sophia, I usually think about what a good listener she is and then I think about what a good dancer she is. Her dancing intimidates me. On the dance floor she’s like one of the bad girl Pop Warner cheerleaders that I thought would beat me up in high school. It’s like she’s hogging all of the moves or is trying out for Save the Last Dance or something. It makes me feel painfully white and suburban, which, if you know me, is really hard to do.

I love you, Sophia, my dancing, sleep-loving queen. Happy Birthday. Everyone who knows you is better for it.

Love, Molls